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Xiao Bao Biscuit coming to Asheville! (possibly)

The Asheville Scene reports that the much-heralded Charleston-based Asian restaurant Xiao Bao Biscuit is looking at a space off Charlotte Street for a possible Asheville location. (It will be soooo nice not to have to drive four hours to enjoy that Okonomiyaki dish.) Stay tuned, kids.

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  1. I hear the best things - wow, that would be awesome! Near my house too!

    1. Damn you Asheville peeps! Damn you I say! We need it more than you do!

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        Agreed. I now hate people from Asheville. Why on earth did they pick Asheville over rural eastern nc?

        1. Awesome. A terrific restaurant coming in and that eyesore on Charlotte going away. Win win for the neighborhood!

          1. Not saying this report isn't true, but it does strike me as a little odd that a restaurant that doesn't even have a public telephone number and takes a whole month off in December/January is contemplating the stress and headache of expanding to another state.

            1. Update to this story. XBB isn't coming to Asheville, but the restaurant's sous chef is, according to Eater: http://charleston.eater.com/archives/...

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