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Mar 7, 2014 06:12 AM

Xiao Bao Biscuit coming to Asheville! (possibly)

The Asheville Scene reports that the much-heralded Charleston-based Asian restaurant Xiao Bao Biscuit is looking at a space off Charlotte Street for a possible Asheville location. (It will be soooo nice not to have to drive four hours to enjoy that Okonomiyaki dish.) Stay tuned, kids.

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  1. I hear the best things - wow, that would be awesome! Near my house too!

    1. Damn you Asheville peeps! Damn you I say! We need it more than you do!

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      1. re: lynnlato

        Agreed. I now hate people from Asheville. Why on earth did they pick Asheville over rural eastern nc?

        1. Awesome. A terrific restaurant coming in and that eyesore on Charlotte going away. Win win for the neighborhood!

          1. Not saying this report isn't true, but it does strike me as a little odd that a restaurant that doesn't even have a public telephone number and takes a whole month off in December/January is contemplating the stress and headache of expanding to another state.