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Mar 7, 2014 05:42 AM

Hell's Kitchen - Your Favorite Dishes

What are your favorite dishes in Hell's Kitchen. I spend a lot of time here (not by choice, sort of stuck like in Oldboy) and do most of my eating here, so I just want to make sure I'm not missing something truly delicious. Anything will do - cookie, soup, fine dining, anything.
I will try to come up with my own list later today

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  1. I don't eat in that area often, but I've been to xai xai a number of times for wine and snacks- great selection of interesting wines for reasonable prices, and i keep ordering the potato beet salad with date vinegrette (waaaay better than it sounds!)

    1. Pam Real: Khao Soi
      Marseilles: Steak Frites
      Tulcingo del Valle: Huarache de barbacoa (chivo)

      1. Quite a few, in no particular order:

        Danji (paella, fried rice, and the boodae jjigae)
        Lali (whatever is fresh, or the daily special)
        The Marshal (pot roast, burger, any of their house cocktails)
        Little Pie Co. (sour cream apple pie)
        Poseidon (but only for the Alfali)

        There's probably others, but those spring to mind right now.

        (And, wow, dunno if I'd ever make a reference to OldBoy when talking about myself. LOL)

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          i'd be Oldboy if I got to eat the pan-fried juicy buns from 456 every day.

        2. Thats it! I'm going to Marshal next week. I've been postponing this visit ever since they opened for some reason. And you are the second to mention the burger

          Love Lali. But now I will have reggaeton music in my head the rest of the day. always happens.

          Great suggestions so far

          PS. Oldboy, the original is the mother of all classics.

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              Of course. Not the new 5.4 IMDB atrocity. What a disgrace to Oh Dae-su

          1. Gazala's Place - Bourekas, Hummus (still best I've had in NYC)
            Taboon - Silan
            Ippudo - Akamaru Modern
            Pure Thai - Ribs, Curry Paste with Pork, Ratchaburi crab and pork with dry noodles, pumkin custard with coconut sticky rice
            Guelaguetza - Tacos
            Mercato - Trenette
            Ivan Ramen - Whitefish Donbury
            Little Chef - Egg Bowl
            Don Antonio - Diavola
            Sullivan Street Bakery.- Canotto Dolce
            Inti - Rotisserie chicken
            Rex - Morning Glory

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            1. re: Ziggy41

              I can't believe i forgot to mention gazala's! I go out of my way to eat there, agreed that their hummus is some of the best (potential tie with nish nush)

              1. re: Ziggy41

                Don Antonio's, yes.

                It's weird, I love the place to death, but never really think of it as in HK, but technically I suppose it is.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  I know what you mean. Too close to 8th. Capizzi is another good one I enjoyed recently

                  Yesterday I was all set to do the Marshal. Got there on time with resvs and was told they are running 30 mins behind, which to me means more like an hour. No room to wait inside (the place is tiny) we decided to cancel and head to Il Melograno. This is an old lunch fave that simply broke my heart. A lackluster meal and especially disappointing since we were entertaining an out of town guest (I was given a day notice).

                  1. re: Ziggy41

                    I think you might've been better going down 51st to Zoralie, my OldBoy friend.

                    Nothing fancy, but the Patitas De Cerdo (or pig trotter stew) is awesome stuff. Goes really well with some Malta (which they have) -- or what I like to call the "original O'Douls" -- for those times when the afternoon still needs to be quasi "productive".

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      Ah yes, the other Dominican. I had to google the name. I haven't been back to Zoralie since I discovered Lali but due to come back.
                      As bad as it was the 2 ladies I was with are more of the Melograno type.