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Mar 7, 2014 02:03 AM

For the MKE folks a funny

An elderly neighbor was just released back into her home. Her first call? I need a dinner! To me. I was just about to start dinner for the family but had my son bring over the (Klemets, pork butt) for her 24x7 nurse to work with.

I apparently am required to be hitting tower chicken today for a duck, then running north to the smokehouse in Port Washington. Stopping by the Klemets outlet in between for a couple of pork butts.

For the MKE folks, any out of the ordinary places to get food? Obviously the Hmong mall at 76th and mill is a favorite, rhino foods, etc.

Any other thoughts? She is passing within months, she has the most acidic humor I ever dealt with, I really, really like her, needing options for "non-ordinary" options for dinner.

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  1. Oh, the Jewish grocery on (Burleigh? And 40th?) is not an option. Three years ago she asked me to get chocolate for her grand kids that were for their visiting on a holiday. I must admit that I had not been there before, and needed help. A young Rabbi at the store gave me an incredible lecture (I just had to support that kid later on. So naive,so intelligent) about what chocolate was acceptable. After it was bought the neighbor told me "F'ing chocolate, you grab you buy".
    Yes, I enjoy her

    1. You could go to Milwaukee Public Market and get an assortment of foods from a variety of the booths there. Present it all as a "Tour of MPM", perhaps accompanied by photographs of the stalls where each of the items was purchased.

      1. How about a burek to go from 3 Brothers?

        1. I was in a somewhat similar situation with a relative that lived in Fox Point. She knew she was coming to the end of life's road and I told her I would take her anywhere she wanted to go for dinner. She replied, "Anywhere?" I said yes, anywhere. She exclaimed, "Well Solly's of course!"

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            Great recommendation. However, despite the fact that they have the best burger in town, (social media sc*m) as the second best (IMHO) by someone who promotes rather than does decent food. She is not a burger person.

          2. To the folks that mentioned the Public Market. Never going to happen. Two reasons.
            1) the seafood place on the east end. Never in my life have I had such awful insulting service. The first time in my life that my wife wanted to walk out of anywhere without paying. The guy running the counter had to have been "drunk, on drugs, thought it was important to drive away customers" this has been posted before.
            2) no longer selling sabrette's origional formula.