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jfk layover

Apologies if this has already been posted, but i'm on my phone and too hard to search. Have a 3 hour layover from 5am to 8am at jfk tomorrow. i'm coming from san francisco. using only public transit, is there anything open that time (anywhere in nyc) that'd be worth going to, and would get me back by 7am, or is it just not worth it? love all good food, pastries, desserts, drinks, coffee, etc...

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  1. A three hour layover during rush hour on a weekday is nothing :( I haven't eaten in JFK in some years but just get some fuel. PLEASE don't try to go into the city. You could easily miss your flight. Oh, and don't forget that you'll have to clear security again and that can be brutal.

        1. Don Peppe in S. Ozone Park.
          You're going to cut it close, though.
          And, this subject has been covered in multiple prior threads.

          1. 5:00am - 8:00am? JFK? Don't leave the airport. I doubt Don Peppe's is open either but I'm assuming that was a joke.

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              Not a joke: I misread the OP, thought it was 5-8 PM.
              In that case, looks like he's going to have catch some sleep or read a good book.

            2. Its just too early and too little time - Id thought maybe you could find a pastry and coffee nearby (say in Howard Beach) but its early even for bakeries - I would stretch my legs for a while and find something to eat in the airport.

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                Here's a list, terminal specific, for JFK. We have an early morning layover every year in the Houston airport. We find that SO many things are open early (and late). I'm sure JFK is no different.


              2. I also live in SF and have been taking redeyes to JFK with some frequency lately.

                I would try the SHAKE SHACK in the airport. It's not the best burger in the world, but it's quite good for a "fast food" burger ... although it's like $8, so not fair to compare to a much cheaper DOUBLE-DOUBLE etc.

                I believe the SS opens quite early, although I am not a 100% sure if they serve burgers on opening. I dont think you have time to hit one of the DOUBLES shops, although some of them open pretty early.

                The pizza slice place literally across the street from the Howard Beach station isnt very good.

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                  I had my first SS burger in the city recently and, like you, thought it was a tasty burger. I'd recommend going to the international terminal with their being more things open early morning but, IIRC, that's a shuttle ride away and necessitates reclearing security.