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Mar 6, 2014 07:37 PM

Pig roast recommendations near NY/Mass. border?

We'd like to have a pig roast for our wedding. Any recommendations about the best one in the region?

The Dinosaur BBQ in Troy, NY, is a possibility, and we've heard good things about BT's Smokehouse, but they're pretty far away in Sturbridge, Mass.

Ideally the caterer would be able to do full service: pig roast, sides, a vegetarian option, and bar service.

Any recommendations? We'd love to hear Chowhound's thoughts.

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  1. Fire Roasted Catering,, owned and operated by Jeremy Stanton also the owner of The Meat Market in Great Barrington, MA. I think they would be the perfect match for you.

    1. Agree with Meat Market.

      Also in Great Barrington you could look into Route 7 Grill which advertises catered pig roasts.