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Mar 6, 2014 06:26 PM

Tasmanian whiskey

Anyone tried any of the Tasmanian whiskey?

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  1. I've tasted Peter Bignell's of Belgrove Distillery, rye whiskey several years ago. I have a half bottle still left buried somewhere in my office. I think I may have had the only bottles that have come into the US to date. He wanted my opinion on it and some feedback, which I was glad to give. He makes some good stuff, and is a real smart dude. Completely self taught except for the feedback he got from a craft distillers discussion board online. He also grows the grain, built his stills, malts it, mashes it, ferments, it and distills, all himself. Then barrels, bottles, and labels it. Totally "green", it is amazing how he has interconnected his whole farm and distillery. Super energy efficient.

    I've also had some other Tasmanian whiskeys, but that was around six years ago and I don't remember exactly who everyone was. I met the folks at a distilling conference. But one was Bill Lark who is also mentioned in that article. I thought his stuff was pretty good.