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Mar 6, 2014 06:10 PM

Boston weekend dining with 72 year old parents

Hopefully you are like me in that I've spent about 10 hours planning every meal for this trip. A little background, Boston is one of my favorite cities on earth. I lived here for a summer in college, have been back multiple times, but my parents have not ever been.

Just a couple things, my parents don't like crazy loud places, crazy adventurous (something like Oleana), and price is no object.

All I have right now is Neptune for lunch (I like to be first in line and hunker down for hours). My wife loves Bistro Du Midi so thats on the list as a maybe. I really like Scampo and L'Espalier. I can't decide between Clio, L'Espalier, Menton, 9 Park, any other suggestions for one high end meal.

Any lunch places you would recommend? We'll be all over the city, so location doesn't matter.

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  1. Well I am famous on this board for disliking Clio with its loud, meh designed din rm and its scattering of unique food ingredients on plates with no deliciousness to back them up. For your folks, I'm thinking ambience , with food , and I would steer you to l'Esp. or Menton(very formal) and maybe even the just-Globe-3 starred- Ostra- seafood place. Sounded excellent. Lunch could be Bistro du Midi or Beacon Hill Bistro (also well reviewed in last week or so.)
    With either of those 2 spots, you could take them on a lovely drive down and around Comm Ave/Chas St/Beacon Hill/Back Bay.

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      Have you eaten at Ostra to be recommending it, because 3 stars from the Globe is meaningless. I was only in once, but it was fairly disappointing. Trusted friends have expressed similar let downs on recent visits.

      For the OP, I would recommend L'Espalier for your high end dinner.

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        bl, a) i don't believe that devra first's reviews are bad or meaningless. I find her articulate, funny, and her issues are often enough my issues that i value her judgement. b) i don't think i feel that way about your taste, but thank you anyway. what a bummer that you and your friends were disappointed, esp. because it's so expensive.

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          I'll take your non answer as confirmation you haven't actually been to the place you recommended.

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            what's with the spin answer? Have you dined at Ostra before recommending it? Yes? No?

            I come to chowhound to read first hand experiences.

      2. Bristol Lounge might be nice for lunch.

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            If you go to the Bristol Lounge for lunch or afternoon tea don't miss a dessert called Let's Split It". It is a multilayer chocolate cake that is absolutely decadent and meant to be shared by two or more people.

          2. I would also suggest Asana in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The food and service have always been very good and I think they have some of the best desserts in Boston.

            1. You didn't mention when you are coming. If its later in the season some places which I would call crazy loud have summer outdoor dining options. I just traveled in Atlanta with my 88 year old parents. Since when did screaming at your dinner partners become fashionable?

              1. Most 72 year olds I know would not welcome being treated like elderly. Think a ladies luncheon with Jane Fonda, Martha Stewart, Barbara Streisand, Fay Dunaway, Sophia Loren, Anne Margaret, Judi Dench, and Tina Turner. How about a boys night out with Mick Jagger, Robert Deniro, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, and Jack Nicholson. 72 is the old late 50's in the world I live in.

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                  Does it have to be a ladies lunch? I'd love to go to lunch with Sophia. Anywhere she wants!
                  I Would Enjoy,

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                    I want a night out with Morgan Freeman.