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Jul 5, 2002 06:58 PM

Anise on Laurier

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Anybody tried it?
we will be in Montreal end of July?

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  1. It's on the corner of St. Urbain, across from La Chronique.

    We were at La Chron. this weekend (wonderful! Replaces Toque on our list), saw Anise across the street and were curious. By the end of dinner, we were talking with the staff at La Chron. about restaurants, and asked them about Anise. They said their chef went there, and it was good, but it was new and working out a kink or two. All in all we got the sense it was worth trying.

    Let us know!

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    1. re: WMA

      I was there this evening.
      It was delightful.
      We met the chef (a lady).
      Very delicate cooking, nice service.

      1. re: Robert

        By the way, I reread my post. When I said "the chef went there", I meant ATE there, not WENT TO COOK there.

        Sorry if I confused anyone.