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Mar 6, 2014 04:46 PM

Greenheart Cafe - Collegeville

A friend and I had brunch at Greenheart Cafe today - the restaurant serves breakfast until 3 p.m. on weekdays, so arriving at noon, we were able to order from either the breakfast or lunch menu. I chose Eggs Benedict, which was served with Home Fries and a fresh fruit cup and was absolutely delicious. My friend ordered the Southwest Burger, which was served with avocado on a fresh toasted roll. Greenheart is a family-owned BYOB that opened last July and is located behind the Collegeville Pit Stop mini-golf and go-kart attraction on Germantown Pike, close to where it intersects with Ridge Pike. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Photos of their menu can be found on Facebook. Their website is currently under construction. Food, service and ambience were very good.

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  1. I should also mention that fellow Chowhound ChefPaulo was looking for an area restaurant that featured Poutine on their menu. Greenheart does have a Poutine appetizer on their lunch menu, which they describe as Hand Cut French Fries with Crispy Scrapple, freshly made brown gravy, creamy fontina cheese and fresh herbs.

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      Thanks for thinking of me, CG.
      I forget the name of the previous place but breakfast there one day years ago had me totally underwhelmed. I'll definitely check out the new management and menu.

      Scrapple poutine certainly makes it a confluence of Philly and Quebec. Sounds interesting.

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        I think you will be impressed by the family who took this over last July. There are six booths done in black and silver as well as five small tables for two. There is also a lunch counter where you can eat. My niece and nephew recommended the place after enjoying dinner there. I understand their Sunday morning breakfasts (which they serve until 5 p.m.) can get quite crowded. Look forward to your review, as always.

    2. Sharing a photo of the Poutine dish from Greenheart Cafe

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        Hmmm...I drive by there all the time and I've never had Poutine...

      2. Intrigued by curly girl's post, I stopped in for Sunday brunch this morning around 11:00. I was greeted by an almost full house (only three counter seats and a two-top remained unoccupied) as staff scurried to attend to the constant flow of patrons. Decidedly much cleaner than the previous two establishments, the wall art suggests our family is West Indian putting out a wide range of home made specialties. I opted for Chicken and Waffles but began to get a bit impatient after 20 minutes. The waitress finally arrived with the chicken explaining that the waffle iron was not working and asking what I'd like to substitute. I opted for two pancakes and thoroughly enjoyed the perfectly spiced fried wings while I waited. My cakes arrived with an additional four wings (and apology for my inconvenience) that were light and airy. Other nice touches were the fresh brewed dark roast Java coffee, pure Vermont maple syrup served warm with melted butter and the Chopin piano music quietly playing over the sound system. As I left, three more cars simultaneously arrived indicating that the line starts to form around noon. For convenience and good food, I'll certainly be back.

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          Thanks for the review. I had passed the golf and go-cart location frequently; finding it a bit of a strange place. I had never ventured to any of the previous restaurants for that reason. One could argue that the location is a good one in that it is at the apex of two major roads or that it is difficult to access because of the traffic. Obviously in this case, considering the customers you had observed, the latter has little effect as the food and service trumps all.

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            I never expected to see a full house at11 in the morning considering the ghost town run by the previous owners. These folks have only been open for eight months and apparently have been discovered by a regular clientele.I wish them all the best and will be back soon for lunch or dinner.

            I was about to add a postscript saying "Don't be put off by the dump out front." I don't think the go-cart track has been open for at least five years the owner seems to use it to store junk. I wonder if the Township can do anything.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              Me again CP. Thought you would like to know you were not the only one that missed out on waffles and other goodies this past Sunday. Obviously more people are catching on to this place. Here is a message from the owners - "Greenheart Cafe would like to take the time to formally apologize to all the patrons that we had to turn away due to an influx in the volume of people we typically serve, and being completely SOLD OUT OF FOOD on 3/9/14. Our top priority is excellent service to you the consumers, and we were saddened to not be able to accommodate each and everyone.Our deepest apologies and many thanks to all those who were served and pleased with their meal, and our service." So refreshing to see a restaurant take a pro-active approach when they disappoint their customers, rather than ignoring obvious issues. Well done Greenheart Cafe!!

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                Apparently there was an article in the Times Herald newspaper about Greenheart Cafe at the same time I posted my Chowhound review. That may explain the increased restaurant traffic this past weekend.

          2. re: Chefpaulo

            Thanks for your review CP. Sorry to hear you missed out on the waffles, but happy to hear you were rewarded with extra wings to make up for your disappointment. My friend and I really liked the place when we stopped in. You are spot on about the local clientele becoming regulars as word spreads about this great addition to the Collegeville area. Also, I may be wrong, but I believe the family that runs the restaurant bought the golf and go-kart business too and is in the process of sprucing it up. Will inquire the next time I stop in.

          3. I stopped for a quick breakfast. As suggested I made every effort to overlook the piles of trash on the adjacent property in order to give the place a try. I ordered two eggs, coffee, whole wheat toast with scrapple and also was delivered 7 small cubes of home fries and a fresh fruit cup. The eggs were the smallest eggs I have ever seen, the scrapple, one slice, was less than a quarter inch thick and almost to hard to cut, there was one piece of toast bread served with no butter the service with only four people in the restaurant was painfully slow. My bill was $9.XX. Bad time, wrong day, wrong order, unlucky circumstance maybe the wrong place? I don't know. I do like to support small independents and I do sincerely hope this was a one off. But I could not in good conscience not report the OTHER side based on this one visit.