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Mar 6, 2014 04:27 PM

Large Group Dinner - Mexico City

I will be traveling to Mexico City in early June with a large group (approx. 40 people). Any suggestions for restaurants that could accomodate a group that size, either in a private room or by taking over the whole restaurant?


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  1. Mexico City is an enormous metropolitan area. If you let everyone know in what part of town you'll be - or where you need the group room - it will be easier for people on the board to give you some viable suggestions.

    Will your group have transportation and how far are you all willing to travel?

    1. I live in Mexico City, am a food writer, and would be happy to help you pull this together if you need help. It's a really smart idea to start this far in advance.

      Read what Dining Diva posted and give some thought to what your needs are, then let me know.


      1. FWIW, I hosted a group dinner at Cafe Tacuba but it was more like 15 people. I don't know if they have rooms that can sit more. We had a fantastic time. Sure the food isn't the best of the best but it's above average and our group of American/Canadians/Mexicans really enjoyed the experience. (The mariachis and historical atmosphere take care of that.)