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Mar 6, 2014 04:07 PM

Salt Box /Durham N.C.

I looked for an existing thread about this place and was surprised to not find one as the Salt Box seems like a Chowhound kind of place. Ricky Moore is cooking up some pretty tasty NC based seafood sandwiches and plates working out of a (cute) little shack on the outskirts of downtown (608 N. Magnum St.). This is a no frills, order at the window, no place to sit kind of place so eat in your car or take it with you. Their hours are Tuesday- Saturday from 11-7 (or until they run out of fish). Went for lunch yesterday and had a terrific fried oyster sandwich and a side of potatoes - condiments came on the side. The sandwich was generously stuffed with about 8 plump, crispy oysters, topped with slaw. At first I thought it would be a mess to eat but the soft white bun held everything together. The potatoes were a mix of generously seasoned,crispy chip like pieces and creamier soft slices interspersed with some fried onions and peppers. Not inexpensive ($13 for the sandwich which was one of the pricier offerings) but high quality. Menu changes often depending on the catch...highly recommended.

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  1. Everything I've ever had has been great. A little heavy on the dill in the slaw but other than that I love it. Those crab grits are crazy business.

    1. I wasn't aware of it but the photo's on the website have me looking for an occasion to visit!

      1. Have wanted to get over there. Perhaps the next time I'm in Durham. Yes it has a very good reputation from people in the know.

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          I enjoy Saltbox quite a lot, but I my experience is that Chef Ricky has a heavy hand with the, um, salt. Especially on the fried broccoli and fried potatoes.