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Mar 6, 2014 01:13 PM

Weekend in Jupiter Inlet Colony - Food in surrounding area?

My fiancée and I will be spending this coming weekend in Jupiter Inlet Colony. I started poking around this board to see about restaurants in the area.

We are looking for fairly casual dinning as we are coming down to spend most of time on the beach and escape the never ending winter in the northeast (we are living in Boston).

From my twenty minute search it seem like we will be thinking to eat at Coolinary Cafe, Leftovers Cafe, and heading to Bay Bay's Chicken and Waffles (I love fried chicken and the reviews on this board make it seem like an enjoyable place to visit).

Wondering if there any other places I should consider? Also, any recommendations for breakfast spots?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  1. You have made good selections.

    I prefer Tim Lipman's food at Coolinary over Leftovers fare, but both are very good and casual. However, Leftovers has a more "fun", "Florida/Caribbean" atmosphere that might be nice coming from up north. If that doesn't matter, go to CC.

    Also... side note... CC serves chicken and waffles!

    Important: It is high season here and neither take reservations. So don't expect to walk in at 8PM Saturday night without a massive wait. So if you can go early or late, that will help. I've been known to go at 4PM Saturday for late lunch / early dinner.

    Now on Sunday, they are both closed. So you should then head to Guanabanas. This is the place you want to be at, coming from up north.

    Not so much for the food but for the atmosphere/location. Take photos and send them to your friends, they will hate you.

    The chow is not bad but the view and the tropical location make this a very cool spot. Just south of the Jupiter light house.

    Now that I think of it... they serve breakfast Sunday - so there you go!

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      I was hoping you would chime in :) I actually used many of your posts in other threads to to decide which restaurants we would go to. Thank you so much for all your help.

      Since both those restaurants are closed Sunday, would you recommend hitting Leftovers for lunch and Coolinary for dinner?

      Thanks for the suggestion regarding guanobanas. Think we will have breakfast there on Sunday.

      Two more questions if you or others don't mind. Are there any small eats or "street food" type of things in the area hatt are must haves for visiting this part of Florida?

      And finally any specific bakeries or dessert places to try? Both my fiancée and I really like sweets.

      1. re: yabancibeyefendi

        Coolinary and Leftovers for sure! Hog Snapper's is in Tequesta right near JIC but I like the others better. Go to Guanbanas at night after dinner and check out the music with no cover. Night time or any time there is paradise. Then walk on over to the Square Grouper aka Castaways for more outdoor live music on the Jupiter inlet.

        There's not much street food in Jupiter that I know of but the original Tacos al Carbon location in WPB would fit that bill if you want to drive.

        Hurricane Cafe or Juno Beach Cafe have great breakfasts and you will wait at either one. They are across the intersection from each other. Guana's would be nice since it's all outdoors.

        I can't think of any bakeries in Jupiter but Kilwin's at US-1 and Indiantown has some good chocolates and ice cream. The Jupiter Donut Factory on Center street is a place you probably don't want to miss.

        1. re: freakerdude


          Thanks for recommendations! Really looking forward to my weekend there.

          I will definitely try out the The Jupiter Donut Factory as I really love donuts.

          1. re: yabancibeyefendi

            Get to JDF early because they sell out of cronuts and other specialties quickly. It's a small mom n pop place that has been taken over a while ago but still maintains the quality

        2. re: yabancibeyefendi

          You could def do Leftovers for lunch and CC for dinner.

          The panko fried oysters are one of the favs at Leftovers. Some of their apps / small plates are actually quite big, so you might want to order "round-by-round". Wife and I often end up with 2 apps and one main or similar. I am not a huge fan of their "bowls", I prefer the apps and plates.

          BTW if you are into craft beer they both have very good selections, likely including some excellent options not avail in Beantown.

          Agree with Freaker on the nighttime options... GB and/or SG right on the water... its going to be a picture perfect weekend BTW... you will be in heaven.

          Again though keep in mind this is going to be one of the busier weekends of the year in So Fla... so keep that in mind going in... relax and enjoy... zen... and all will be good.

          1. re: CFByrne

            I love craft beer so I will definitely check out their selection at lunch on Saturday.

            The weather looks wonderful this weekend. Definitely a difference from the 21 degrees we have in Boston right now.

            And thank you for letting me know about this being one of the busier weekends. We will plan our trips to the restaurants accordingly.

      2. I think all of the replies here are right on. Given your location Food Shack (the original - similar menu - pre-Leftovers) is closer to you, and does have Maxi's Lineup next door, to hang and have a beer/appetizer (shared kitchen) while you wait.

        Any of these places will have much less of a wait at lunch than dinner. Also, if you are willing to sit at the counter that minimizes the wait, as will of course going early or late.

        As for Jupiter Donuts, get there early -- they only have until they sell out (not sure exactly what time they open).

        If you were coming next weekend, there is a food truck event at Abacoa (every 2nd Friday of the month), which is a lot of fun and different (and some rather good) foods.

        As for specialty/craft beers -- Food Shack/Leftovers/Coolinary always have a food selection -- both on draft and in bottles. There is also Tequesta Brewing Company (right next to Hogsnappers -- have a beer while you wait), Das Biergarten (in Abacoa) -- surprisingly mostly local/not German given the name, and there is Specialty Beer Cellars, which despite the awful name and odd location in the back corner of a Publix shopping center has a great selection of drafts and bottles, specializing on Germany and Belgium.


        1. If I had to pick two restaurants...I'd pick Little Moir's Food Shack and Too Bizaare...that's it for me...

          1. You might want to consider Schooner's - personally, I've never had a bad meal there: And that's over a 10 year+ timeframe, FWIW. It's not cutting edge cuisine, but it's reliable, tasty, local seafood at a reasonable price with friendly service.

            Regarding Little Moir's Food Shack, I was soooo excited to go there after reading many reviews. I must have hit them on their worst day ever, because my meal (appetizer + main) was nearly inedible, and service was terrible. It's a 45 min. drive for me, so I was also grumpy that I'd driven all that way for an extremely disappointing meal. That being said, given the number of great reviews, I'm going to try it again (but not make a special trip to do so)!

            1. lanna thai, us1 just north of donald ross in publix plaza