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Mar 6, 2014 01:10 PM

Vegan and Foodie in NOLA for two more nights-HELP,

We've had two mediocre meals so far. We would like to get to Frenchman Street. Doing no further research than the NYTimes 36 hours from 2012 & the happy vegetarian website, and having no investment, what says this revered board about the possibilities of making both of us happy at:

Dreamie Weenies
Three Muses
Dante's Kitchen

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  1. Feelings Cafe in the Marigny has a vegan menu:

    and the Sneaky Pickle just opened in the Bywater:

    I can't speak to either menu specifically but Feelings is really quite nice and only a few blocks off of Frenchmen.

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      re: Feelings Cafe -- aside from their own vegan menu, Ann Churchill is operating a vegan pop-up upstairs Thurs-Sun. weve been two times and it was quite enjoyable. her soups have been very good, and the Pumpkin Coconut Curry soup incredible. the vegan cheeses are also a lot of fun...

    2. Not Frenchman Street but easy access via Canal Street streetcar is Canal Street Bistro.

      Nice place with good vegan and vegetarian. Across Canal from Mandinas

      1. Where did you end up, how'd it go? I went to NOLA a few years ago and was pretty underwhelmed with vegetarian foodie options. I'm going again in a few months and I'm trying to improve my list so I'm interested in your experiences.

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          Things have changed a lot here even in the last year or so. There's a facebook page called Vegan New Orleans that is pretty active and there's a blog called New Orleans in Green that is updated regularly. I'd recommend checking them out right before your visit!

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            How awesome is that? Thanks for the heads up!

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              No prob! btw, the blog is about vegan restaurants too. There's probably vegetarian resources out there as well, but I am not up on them.

        2. Hey all - thank you. It turned out that between the drinking, the conference we were at, and the rush to fit in Kermit Ruffins and the Soul Rebels, the decent dinner didn't happen, so shame on me for not getting to any of these suggestions.

          That said, for what it's worth, prize from two old friend, busy conference socializers goes to the vegan po boy at Killer Poboys! Sweet potato, pepper jelly, greens, black bean purée, bag of chips, beer ... So good.