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Birthday Dinner Menu: "he likes BEEF and SHARING FOODS"

My husband's birthday is coming up and I would like to make him a special dinner. We will be 8 people. I asked him what he would like in terms of food and he said he liked beef, and he liked foods he can share.... where this take you guys with ideas? :)

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  1. "Foods you can share" usually means at a restaurant. He wants to do this at home? Serving family style is the only way of "sharing" that I can think of.

    1. The sharing theme is a little tough when you're not at a restaurant, but you could do something like fondue, where everyone shares a pot of cheese and uses a communal pot to cook their meats. Something like tapas or a Chinese banquet might work too - it's a lot of work for the cook, preparing a lot of separate dishes, but it would be fun. Also plenty of opportunities to work in beef that way!

      1. How about beef fondu? You could start with cheese fondu, then beef, and then chocolate. I also really like raclette, you can melt cheese, fry some meat on the hot grill and serve it with bread, potatoes, cornichons etc...

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          My immediate thought was also beef fondue, which was my favorite birthday meal when I was little. I mostly liked all of the different dipping sauces.

        2. beef tenderloin or grilled ribeyes.

          serve with:
          1 horseradish cream sauce
          2. chimichurri
          3. madeira sauce

          4. potatoes dauphinoise
          5. sautéed mushrooms with shallot, garlic and parsley
          6. spinach salad with stilton bleu cheese crumbles, toasted pecan and pomegranate topping and an apple cider vinaigrette
          7. yeasty rolls

          8. pinot noir, shiraz, malbec

          9. passionfruit cheesecake or -- since strawberries are in season -- a beautiful whipped cream and strawberry layered trifle.

          but that's just me!

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            Last week was my fiancé's birthday dinner; I made him pepper crusted prime rib...he was happy....

            You could do a bunch of appetizers

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              I think the prime rib sounds like a great idea. Several appetizers to share, a nice salad, some sort of potatoes and then the prime rib - I think he'd be very happy!

            2. Korean BBQ


              I am not vetting the specific recipe of the link just the inspiration

                1. oh, i love the idea of korean!

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                    There are always lots of banchan to share at the beginning of the meal too. Most are easily made ahead of time.
                    A panjeon of whatever veggies would be a great first course, and then grilled bulgolgi beef with lettuce wraps, rice, spicy sauces, cilantro, shredded fresh veggies and bean sprouts etc.
                    and of course shoju cocktails.

                  2. Bulgogi and lots of it! Maybe a Korean taco bar/lettuce wraps type thing?

                    1. kebabs, with beef kofta, steak and vegetables.

                        1. 8 people can gather around an electric griddle and sizzle up some slices of beef, preseasoned and arranged on a platter. Here's what Vietnamese people do:


                          1. How about Bisteca, a large Tuscan style porterhouse steak, like 3 inches thick, that can be grilled and sliced to serve everyone.

                            1. Korean BBQ. At the table.