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Mar 6, 2014 12:01 PM

I like leftovers, but not frozen leftovers. You?

Once they go into the freezer they don't get defrosted to be eaten again. It's not that I overcook, it's because we'll eat out. Still feel bad about the waste though. <sigh>.

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  1. I don't eat leftovers. That's Mr. Angela's department. And I never put leftovers in the freezer. Tried it once, at MIL's insistence, years ago when we were first married. Beef stew. Looked disgusting when I thawed it out and it went into the trash.

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    1. re: AngelaID

      rarely eat leftovers.
      NEVER eat frozen leftovers.

    2. I rely on the freezer quite a bit some things freeze well some things don't - it is also important to store properly

      Soups freeze well as long as rice/pasta/potatoes are omitted

      Tomato based pasta sauces freeze well, cream based sauces less so

      Braised meats freeze well especially if suspended in braising liquid, grilled meats not so much.

      1. I love my freezer stash!!! I often spend a whole day cooking with a friend just to "feed the freezer"!

        As a working mom the freezer insures that we all get a good, nutritious meal every night. My wallet appreciates not wasting g money on quick take out. I would rather spend those dollars at great sit down meal. Don't get me wrong we have our share take out but I love not having that be the fall back.

        My freezer typically has things like home made pizza dough, ready to make rolls. Assorted soups, baked pasta dishes, assorted meatballs and meatloaf, waffles, egg sandwiches and stews. I often make loads of rice and freeze in bags to be reheated as needed.

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          I just bought a new chest freezer and love it! My parents keep reminding me "you have to actually eat what you make, not just make it to freeze it." It's so nice to have a supply of ready-to-eat food and I have no issue with frozen leftovers though I only freeze particular things.

        2. I freeze a lot of leftovers. In my observation as a general rule, stuff that has a long and wet cooking time (stews, braises, etc) tend to freeze well, while dry/short cooking time items tend not to freeze so well. We don't waste food. It all goes to waist. *sigh*

          1. My leftovers mostly go into the fridge and are eaten as breakfast or lunch. When I freeze, it is generally individual ingredients (onions, cheese, meats, etc.) or dishes I prepare specifically to freeze, such as meat sauce, soup, uncooked but formed meatloaf, etc. as opposed to actual leftovers.

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              Me too. I am amazed at how well individual ingredients freeze for use in cooking. I have different sofrito's and mirepoix my freezer in smaller servings- what a time saver- when texture is not an issue like in sauces and blended soups.