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Jun 25, 2002 11:01 PM

Philly Chowhound seeks plenty of info - arriving Fri 28 Jun

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Well, i think i've plowed through most of the posts on the board to get an idea of what's been recommended before...but i'm still going to ask for suggestions.

We'll be in Montréal for about four days (taking a side trip to Québec City in the middle), so we have plenty of time to explore restaurants, high and low end.

We love all kinds of food, but love most of all when a restaurant can confidently provide that extra touch that makes the food memorable, either through ingeniously harmonious ingredients or happily exploiting simplicity. Okay, i guess that's the kind of thing that all chowhounds seek, right?

* We have a fabulous BYO scene in Philly, so we'd be happy to find some Montréal counterparts.
* We're staying mostly in the Latin Quarter, so reliable little places in the neighborhood would be very useful.
* Knowing that we are landing in the middle of Jazzfest, i'd love some tips on how to beat the crowds -- we're actually not coming for the music, but to celebrate my roommate's birthday.(Not that we don't love music, but it's not our focus this visit.)

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  1. If you are looking for a breakfast place try Chez Cora. I really recommend the strawberry crepes. The prices can be higher than what you would normally pay for breakfast but you're often so full you only eat a little lunch (if you can handle eating lunch at all...). If you are staying the Latin Quarter there is one one the corner of St-Timothee and St-Catherine (about 5 blocks east of St-Denis).

    There are also a number of BYO wine places on Prince Arthur - particularly in the section between St-Laurent and St-Denis (well Carre St-Louis).

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      Chez Cora sucks...big time. Instead, try Eggspectation on St-Jacques in old montreal, L'Avenue on Mont-Royal (huge line-ups from 10 to 12) or Café Souvenir on Bernard in Outremont.

      1. re: nachodan

        And I don't like Eggspectations. Everyone has their own opinions. I will not say that anyone else's preferences suck. It's rude.

        1. re: Karen B

          I'm sorry but I don't want to be rude but I will say I had one of the worst breakfasts I've ever eaten in a restaurant at Chez Cora a couple of weeks ago. It was obviously not an isolated incident looking around at the other diners who had equally awful meals placed before them.

          Even though Eggspecations gets knocked a lot around here I've never had a bad meal there. Byblos, le petit cafe is an interesting Persian take on breakfast with homemade preserves and baked sweet breads, unique egg dishes, and porridges. The only downfall is the portions are skimpy but it's a charming place.

          1499 Laurier east
          Metro station : Laurier
          Tel. : (514) 523-9396

          Also if you scan down this board there is a recent posting about another breakfast place, "24 cafe" on Masson street that sounds fabulous. It's next on my list to try.


        2. re: nachodan

          Chez Cora & Eggspectation are both franchises with the uneven quality that comes from franchises, depending upon the location and the time of day. Cafe Souviner not. It was great when I went & a friend who lives nearby & goes weekly would go there first before either of the other 2.