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Mar 6, 2014 10:05 AM

Restaurant health ratings and price

Recently, a very famous (multiple Michelin stars) and pricey restaurant in New York City was was penalized more than 40 points out of 100 by the local health department. It has had numerous bad health ratings in the past. Nevertheless, it remains very popular.

Hypothetically speaking, does a high Michelin rating or price outweigh the negative health rating? What if it restaurant was just a hole-in-the wall Chinese restaurant with delicious food?

Note: I've been informed that Chowhound policy forbids the use of actual restaurant names when it comes to health code violations.

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  1. I personally would not visit it; I expect any establishment serving food to be meet code. Especially for the price at these top restaurants, I expect top notch cleanliness (no exceptions).

    As for the hole in the wall Chinese establishment, if it is to my knowledge that they failed, no I would not visit it either.

    1. Normally an establishment has a time period to solve or fix whatever deficiencies that caused them to fail. I would probably wait to see if they get the passing grade before I returned.

      I would not knowingly visit a restaurant that has a current failed Health Inspection Rating, regardless of it's stature.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I know which restaurant you write about, and I would not patronize them until they clean up their act and are reinspected AND get a very high score,

          I was apalled at the violations when I read the inspection report. This is just plain BAD management. I don't care how could the chef is, I don't want to dine in such a place.

          1. Nope. Nope....and nope.

            I am suspicious of a lot of restaurants that don't get cited for violations when they probably should. A known offender does not get my business.