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Mar 6, 2014 08:52 AM

Chinese Food in NW of Boston

As a NY transplant to the Boston suburbs, I'm reasonably well versed in what is good and bad Chinese food. I'm looking to take my daughter to a Chinese restaurant for a "daddy-date" but unfortunately, NW Boston suburbs seem to be lacking in good food choices, including Chinese. Any recommendations for good Chinese? Thank you!

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  1. How Northwest are you thinking? Szechuan's Dumpling in Arlington is really good, and although I haven't been to either yet, Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica and Sichuan Garden Woburn are supposed to be really top-notch.

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      Thank you for the recommendations. I'm thinking Concord, Acton, Lexington areas. Billerica and Woburn aren't off the table though.

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        Szechuan's Dumpling is right over the Lexington line and pretty accessible from Route 2. Menu is at and their XLB (on the menu as Pork Mini Juicy Dumpling) are really good if you like soup dumplings. There's a whole thread about other good dishes there at

        In Lexington itself, Taipei Gourmet has gotten decent reviews here. I've only had takeout from there and the order was not towards their specialties, so I can't really give a good opinion of it but here's a pretty meaty thread about it

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          Thank you. Will let you know how it goes after the meal.

    2. Sichuan Gourment in Billerica used to be very reliable. I haven't been in two years (job change--it was a favorite post-work dinner spot a few times a month), but never had a bad experience there.

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        Thank you. Two recommendations for the same place definitely tilts the tables.

      2. Asian Gourmet on Elm St. in Concord has good Taiwanese food:

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          Asian Gourmet in Concord is Excellent, just don't get the teppanyaki or the Americanized Chinese food.

          Stick to the Taiwanese stuff and you won't be disappointed.

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            +1 We order from the Taiwanese menu (yum) and sit at a booth, but my (young) kids are nonetheless entertained by looking over shoulders at the hibachi business.

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              That's about right... the teppanyaki is perfect for WATCHING but dear god don't eat that stuff.

              My kids are 2 and 3.5

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              Folks, let's focus the discussion here on the great chow in Boston. We've removed some off-topic posts.

          2. There's also a Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham which is easier to get to if you are on the south side of acton/concord. The tables at the Billerica location are kind of crammed together - especially the two tops, more room at Framingham. Best chinese food I've had in the area - with most others that I have tried not even coming close to them- or the average chinese place in upstate NY for that matter.

            Mulan in Waltham is another good option, but technically Tiwanese.

            1. Gene's Flatbread Cafe on 110 in Chelmsford serves Xian-style flatbread sandwiches and belt noodles. The sandwiches are nice, but the super-garlicky belt noodle is incredible.

              Be warned, though, that the shop itself has the personality of a doughnut shop or Greek pizza place. If you don't care too much about setting/ambience, then it's a great choice for some regional Chinese you won't find at your standard suburban Americanized restaurant. I really enjoy it; it's a plain, unpretentious mom+pop noodle shop that makes a huge contribution to the suburban food scene.

              Others have mentioned it, earlier, but I also can't say enough good things about Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica. I have dreams about the sparerib noodle soup.