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Mar 6, 2014 07:30 AM

Surviving a kitchen renovation (without gaining a hundred lbs and/or losing your mind)

any tricks or tips? I think we'll have a fridge and a micro for most of the project which should take at least 8 weeks. thanks in advance!

also not sure this is the right board for this.

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  1. Be thoughtful, realize that it'll be 8 weeks, and think about the outcome and how beautiful it'll be.
    You'll probably be so busy working and thinking about it you may *lose* weight automatically :).

    1. We survived with lots of take out. The toaster and micro just didn't cut it for long.

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        Us too. I didn't plan ahead as much as I should have - if I had it to do over again, I would do as Heidi suggests below and start making and freezing meals. Even making a decent salad was a huge PITA because I didn't have a convenient place to chop anything or wash anything. Oddly enough, though, I didn't gain a ton of weight - I was so insanely busy trying to keep up with the project that I think I forgot to eat half the time.

      2. Depending on your location an outdoor grill can substitute for a kitchen oven / stove. During the summer probably 75% of my meals are prepared on my grill.

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          Exactly. While our contractor is encouraging us to do the reno during winter months we are planning for late spring/early summer next year just for that reason. Every person we spoke to said being able to grill and the option of eating outdoors saved them money and sanity!! Bonus if your grill has a burner or two attached.

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            boston. home of eternal winter. but we have grilled in a polar vortex. so thanks for the suggestion!

        2. Go into this whole process knowing that it WILL take longer than you think. Schedules get upset all the time. That is just the nature of renovation!

          You can start preparing meals and freezing them now, for reheating later in the microwave. Even sauces that can be morphed into different dishes would be a good idea.

          1. Make as many frozen dinners in disposable containers as you can beforehand... it's a lifesaver to just be able to toss something in the microwave rather than having to go and get takeout for the twenty-fifty day in a row. A crockpot is also good (use the disposable crockpot liners so you don't have to scrub it, just wipe down...) Plan on using paper plates etc as much as possible. Cleaning up in the bathroom or laundry is a royal pain in the rump.
            PS. This topic has been discussed many a time before - do a search for the other threads and you'll find plenty of advice. :)