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Mar 6, 2014 06:29 AM


Any ideas? Da Aurelio? Meloncino? Others?

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  1. On our honeymoon in 1987, we stayed in Cortina and had a memorable meal at El Toula. A quick Internet search told me they are still in business. Could this be what you are looking for?

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      @ swannee

      We were at Tivoli again last summer and it is very good. You do not want to go to El Toula, nor Meloncino (in whatever form it's in today). Baita Fraina for a trattoria and Tivoli for a ristorante, as far as we're concerned. We don't know Da Aurelio. Might be interesting, but Passo Giau is a long way from Cortina (by that I mean the winding roads, not the distance), so unless you're going in mid summer when it is still light, you don't want to go at night.

      here is my post from July 11, 2011.

      We were just talking about Cortina at dinner tonight.

      Our favorite place by far is Tivoli, just on the western outskirts up the hill (on the road to Falzarego, Corvara, San Cassiano) of the city.

      We've been going there for 15 years, more than half a dozen times (by ourselves and with friends), under both the current owners and the prior ones (didn't miss a beat in the change). Always a really good meal, both lunch and dinner, although might not be open for lunch in early July, so check.

      A real restaurant, not a trattoria. Lovely setting, a great menu (from the Veneto, not the Alto- Adige) with lots of selection, in antipasti, primi, secondi and desserts. Excellent wine list at very reasonable prices. Again, the things that attract us to a place like this (or for instance places in Piemonte, Lombardia, Emilia- Romagna etc): well thought out menu of regional dishes; a chef that has skills to bring out the flavors of the ingredients and present dishes that "make sense"; robust ingredients and tastes; tasteful plating of the dishes; professional, but casual and friendly service; a good casual ambiance in the restaurant... customers and staff are happy to be there... no temple of cuisine where it's all about a "me, me, me chef"; a very good wine list; no gimmicks i.e lots of foam, molecular cuisine, fusion cuisine; a chef who stays within his/her sphere of competence.

      Tivoli has had it and hopefully still does. We were not able to get there last year (did go twice the year before), but are planning on going two or three times in the next nine weeks. Closed Monday.

      Whatever you do, do not go to Beppe Sello. Ossified. If you want a trattoria, our favorite, again by far, is Baita Fraina. Again. closed Monday.

      Hope this helps.

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        Went to Tivoli last year and it was still excellent. I agree the Baita Fraina is a very good tratoria and has delicious fritelle for afternoon tea in August (only). Pontejel is another good trattoria. Da Aurelio is worth the arduous trip, but only if you don't get carsick and have a designated non-drinking driver (or stay there). Meloncino is not bad, but very limited, and rather pretentious. The setting is lovely, however (not hard in Cortina!).