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Mar 6, 2014 06:01 AM

Dinner for 10

We are a group of 10 and will be staying in Grand Hyatt Melbourne in April for a few days. We are looking for place for casual dinner preferably with plates to share and it would be great if it is near our hotel but also okay if it is a few minutes ride by taxi. Have read the previous threads Nd like the commoner very much and have already booked there. La Luna also looks attractive but am wondering whether there is any similar places closer to the hotel. I would like to thank in advance any advice offered.

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  1. What price range, and how important is wine?

    But you are in the CBD - there are, literally, hundreds of places to choose from. You'll need to give is some better pointers to narrow it down.

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      We would like to keep the budget below $100. Wine is not very important. Food wise we are open to anything and there is no dietary restriction among us. But we prefer somewhere with a casual cosy atmosphere.