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Mar 6, 2014 05:06 AM

DTW: least sucky restaurant in RO

Well, we've all dissed the outdoor food court known as Royal Oak...but what's the best option for a Saturday night dinner before a show at the Royal Oak Music theater? I want to park near the theater, then walk to dinner and since it will actually not be -30 degrees for a change, we can walk a few blocks. There will be six of us

So far, we're considering Lily's Seafood or Oak City Grille (never been to either), Bastone or Tom's Oyster Bar (have been and they're OK)


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  1. Hi, You are familiar with Cafe Muse(yummy short ribs) and also Ronin(I've only been to their good Happy Hour), right?

    1. ANY Tom's Oyster Bar is a non-starter for me.

        1. Thanks, Cafe Muse sounds good! I'll see what the group thinks

          1. I've had bad luck with Lily's, good luck with Muse. Don't know Ronin.