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Mar 6, 2014 01:29 AM

Cater for wedding at new central library

We will be hosting a wedding reception for our daughter in December on the top floor of the new downtown library and I'm looking for some catering recommendations from the Chowhounds. The groom is from Spain, and while we are not looking for Spanish food per se, we'd like to focus on a nod to the tapas concept. Rather than a plated dinner I guess this would translate to what we'd call heavy apps or small plates, both hot and cold. We want the food to be way above average!
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Waters Fine Foods and Catering is always great.

    1. Alchemy catered our cocktail-style wedding reception with tray-passed appetizers and several stations of small plates. We were very happy with the food and their prices.

      1. Aloha nessy!
        We've had Paella Man at the marina for boat parties for many many years and Juan, knocks it out of the park everytime.
        It would be worth a call.
        Café Sevilla in the Gaslamp would be another option.
        Waters Fine Food Catering is one of the best in town.

        Keep us posted.

        1. We used MiHo/Vetted Table to cater our welcome reception last year and their food and presentation were phenomenal. I would think they could customize a tapas-type menu for you.

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            Thanks y'all!
            We are meeting with waters and alchemy and cucina Urbana.
            Have any of you had any experience with ArtQuest and if so would you recommend them?

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              Beach Chick-- I like the paella man idea. Would it be up to the standards of "real" Spanish foodie people ?

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                Paella Man is beloved by all and that includes Spaniard's too.

            2. On my list would be Christopher Logan of Creative Flavors Catering.

              In my opinion, one of the unsung chef heroes of San Diego.

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                Thank you Fake Name. I do have an email in to him based on a past recommendation!

                1. re: nessy

                  Don't let the gruffness fool you.

                  ; )