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Jun 17, 2002 05:17 PM

Excellent Food thanks to Chowhound! (kind of long)

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I was in Montreal this past weekend with 4 friends and we had a great time. When we weren't drinking and partying like the rest of the college students, we managed to eat some great food thanks to this board.

On Friday night, thanks to Genevieve's suggestion, we ate at Fonduementale on Rue St. Denis. We had three types of cheese fondue: original (plain), with mushrooms, and pesto. All three were delicious, although I liked the original more than the others. I had a raclette, which was nice, but hard to eat by myself. Luckily, we all shared. There was SO much cheese, none of us could really move after eating, but we still managed to share 1 chocolate fondue for dessert. The prices were very reasonable, esp. considering the amount and quality of the food.

The next morning (well, afternoon) we were headed to the Biodome (which was much less exciting than most of the restaurants in my opinion). On the way we stopped for breakfast at Cafe 24 on Rue Masson, near 7th Av. I don't remember who posted about this place, but whoever did, THANK YOU!!!! It was the best meal of the weekend. The menu for breakfast was extensive and in french, which was a challenge since only 1 out of 5 of us spoke french at all. It was clear that Cafe 24 is not a normal tourist destination, but the service was incredibly friendly and the meal was great. Three of my friends had french toast served in various ways: one served in a sandwich with bananas and cream, one plain with cream to pour on top, and one with strawberry jam and cream.

I had eggs, crepes (unfilled), toast and delicious sausage. My other friend had a cheese and mushroom omelete, which in MY opinion was a little crazy considering our meal the night before, but hey, he liked it. It certainly was cheesy.

All of the meals were served with a generous plate of fruit (which was excellent, watermelon was sweet and crisp) and with juice or coffee. This place was really good, the french toast was possibly the best I have had. Also excellent service despite our lack of french. This was everyone's favorite meal of the weekend.

For dinner Saturday, we ate at Buffet Maharaja, which, according to the phone book, is "the biggest Indian buffet in North America." I thought most of the food was pretty dismal, although the buffet (which included jello, onion rings, and eggplant parmesan) was entertaining at least. I liked the mango chutney, although I could go buy a jar of that in the supermarket. The meal was a good deal, and my friends liked it. I didn't.

Finally, Sunday morning before heading home to New England, we went to St. Viateur bagels. First we went into the smaller shop on St. Viateur, and we were informed that the "famous one" was down the street. We bought two bagels to eat as we walked 3 blocks to the other St. Viateur bagels.

We bought a lot of bagels to bring home, and we enjoyed reading the articles posted on the wall comparing NY and Montreal bagels. They are delicious, but very different than H&H bagels. Certainly better than any bagels in Western Mass, so I was happy.

Overall, a great weekend in a great city!

dave m.p.

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  1. Hey Dave!! Im so happy you liked the FondueMentale and the Cafe 24!!

    And you are right, food is always more exciting than the Biodome...heheheh.

    Going there this weekend myself, will be popping by the cafe 24, i will ask the girl if the Americans behaved themselves!!

    Glad you had a good time and that you found all the places!! Got some more for you next time you go up..

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    1. re: Genevieve

      just returned from a weekend in mtl, where i had to stop by cafe 24 bcs of your recommendation. the food was delicious- wish i had known about it when i lived there. i went with 3 friends, so we basically tried everything- and it was all delicious. so much food, and friendly service- the waitress was very good natured about the language barrier, as my friends did not speak french.
      the french toast was top notch. thank you for a new favorite!