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Mar 5, 2014 10:18 PM

MP food truck update

Off the grid has spun up weekly food trucks in Menlo Park. I had missed the announcement but saw trucks gathered today. Looks like it's every wednesday, 5pm to 9pm. The spot is by the caltrain station in the south-west corner, near Ravenswood - IE, the opposite corner from BBC.

This has been happening for a few weeks. They've got tables set up in the middle. According to OTG's website, looks like there will be 10 trucks next week. I thought I saw more like 7, but I was driving past.

Press reports of the first week said long lines and few veg trucks. At 8:15pm when we drove by, a few weeks in, there were a few people lounging around but no real lines obvious.

With next week's lineups, there are some "locals" like SAJJ, which has its physical location at Willow and Marsh, Curry Up Now (sort of, palo alto).

The only truck I recognized driving past was Sam's.

I would be shocked if they got a permit for alcohol at this location. BYO would certainly be illegal, unknown if tolerated.

This is in addition to the Monday trucks at Willows Market, which attracts about 5 trucks and is open only till 8.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to do this, but Off the Grid's also starting up a weekly gathering in Cupertino @ Whole Foods on Tuesday nights, 5-9.