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Mar 5, 2014 08:39 PM

Sunday Brunch

My husband and I are coming to Austin March 14-17. We have dinner reservations for every night - Odd Duck, Perlas (a favorite), Mettle (personal connection). We are looking for a recommendation for brunch on Sunday. We have a car and will either hit the Blanton and Jones Contemporary or venture out to wineries so transportation/distance isn't an issue.

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  1. Green pastures and Jack Allen's are popular for their brunches

    1. Moonshine downtown is a great brunch spot too.

      1. +1 for Green Pastures for good American fare, great shrimp cocktail (yes, it's a buffet) and some of the best bread pudding and that bourbon milk cocktail.

        We too love Jack Allen's - both locations are consistently good.

        Fonda San Miguel for some decent interior mexican buffet food and outrageously good desserts. Good bar service too.

        1. I actually really like the Epicere brunch even though I'm not as keen on their dinner menu.

          Their quiche is really awesome. It is nearly identical in technique to the quiche served at Thomas Keller's Bouchon.

          And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can always cross the street to Fonda San Miguel.

          1. Our new favorite brunch is Coal Vines on 2nd Street. Of course, the $10 full bottle mimosa carafe is a real draw...

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              oooh, a good deal on mimosa works every time.

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                Mostly champagne with just a splash of OJ!

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                  Yeppers, that's the ticket. If they have the mussel pasta special, I highly rec. Their breakfast calzone is a meal unto itself. I have yet to try the pizza, but it looks good.