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Mar 5, 2014 07:07 PM

Casa Dante, Jersey City.....Shut Down for Unpaid Taxes.

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  1. Mayor Healy wouldn't have let that happen.

    1. Wow! Just goes to show, you never know.

      1. Four, do you have inside information regarding the unpaid taxes? The article say's it hasn't been determined if that is the reason, although when they are talking seizure of assets and liquidation sale, it usually does mean taxes.

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        1. re: jrvedivici

          Sorry to say I do not. I read the article in the link as it was posted within the first hour, so I do not know if there has been any updates. If I recall, the article indicated the seizure was listed on the NJ Division of Taxation website and sale of assets had been scheduled, but cancelled for the time being.

        2. Late last year, the government temporarily shut down at least a few restaurants in Union County when it was determined the revenue they reported didn't jibe with the money they were spending with food suppliers.

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          1. re: ebchower

            What government? Any links or news stories on this? Thanks in advance.

            1. re: ELA

              I'm not sure. But last year I went to a pizzeria in Elizabeth and a sign said closed until further notice. Another business owner in town told me why and said it was one of a number restaurants closed for that reason. It didn't last more than a few days. I couldn't find anything online.

          2. An article poster later indicated that they were closed for not paying their rent for the last 8 months.