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Mar 5, 2014 06:24 PM

Lucien Robert

News of the passing of Lucien Robert brings back fond memories of Maitre Jacques and Maison Robert. Some funny memories, too, like the night the captain set the table aflame along with the Crepes Suzette. Never ever a disappointing experience. RIP, Lucien.

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  1. Thank you for remarking on this..I missed it in the Globe. I recall him well and had some meals at Maison Robert in the 1970s when I knew his son slightly. (I tended to default to was just around the corner after all). Lucien was always very pleasant and I liked him. I am sorry that no one seems to recall him but I guess Maison Robert IS long ago.

    First Geo Lang died, then Locke's died, now this. getting long in the tooth.