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Jun 12, 2002 07:00 AM

Can't Miss Chinese?

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On all of my trips to Montreal I still haven't found a consistently great Chinese restaurant in town. Am I missing something? Is the great stuff outside of Chinatown. Please point me in the right direction or should I just save my Chinese fix for when I get back home to NYC.


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  1. I'm interested in answers, too. I've read about sampling places like Zen, Hot & Spicy, and La Baguette d'Ivoire and would love to hear opinions/recommendations.

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      Shahrazad Katz

      Depends what kind of Chinese. My fave Cantonese place is the Guang Zhou at 84 La Gauchetière W., in Chinatown. If it's Szechuan you're after, I can't help you. My friends are from Hong Kong.