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Mar 5, 2014 04:48 PM

Sol Y Luna

Has anyone been lately?

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    1. We went within the last year and I just don't get the hype. It was typical Americanized Mexican food. Granted, there west valley is a culinary wasteland (Sing it! "Culinary Wasteland! Culinary Wasteland!") but surely there's better... As I recall, the service didn't stand out either! Sorry!

      1. For that type of Mexican food I think Salsa and Beer is WAY better.

        1. I've enjoyed it in the past when eating in their dining room. However, I went with a small goup recently for Happy Hour. Service was excellent and the food was fine--nothing special, but no complaints. However, the drinks were so watered down, none of us want to go back. Los Toros in Chatsworth is much better.

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            I agree with your assessment regarding Los Toros, but if you want non-Americanized Mexican food, with some atmosphere and hopefully a drink, margarita or other, then the valley really has nothing to offer, unless some think Loteria might be the answer, which I do not.
            Some of the food at Rocio's Moles in Tarzana is quite good, but I have not been to the bigger and less fast food-looking version in Sun Valley which does serve booze, and is more dinner focused.
            I still like Carrillo's Deli on Sherman Way near Corbin, as the food is quite good, yet it is only b/wine, and is quite down home Mexican, so leave your elitist attitudes in the car.

            1. re: carter

              Yeah, the sit-down Mexican restaurants with a full bar in the valley serve your typical combination plate food. I used to love Los Tres Hermanos in North Hills, but I had an awful soft chicken taco the last time and have not been back. I also like Sol Y Luna's smaller siblings, Melody's and
              Las Fuentes. I want to try Salsa and Beer, but it's always too crowded and we wind up going somewhere else.

              1. re: brandygirl

                Sorry for my joke response above. Went with a group of about 10 for a birthday. No one loved, no one hated. Las Fuentes is better but not great. West Valley remains tough for kickin' Mexican. Which is weird.

            2. re: brandygirl

              I have a love/hate with Los Toros. Love the vibe. Love all the pornstars hanging out. Love with a love even less holy than my love of the pornstars, the bean dip. Love the pink house margarita. But I honestly can't remember a single entree I've eaten there, and I've eaten many.

              Stick with pink margaritas, porn stars, and bean dip. Like, make your meal out of bean dip and pornstars. I mean margaritas.

            3. So we did end up here last night. The "skinny" margarita, albeit strong on lime flavor, actually had a nice kick of tequila. Hubs and I ordered the fish tacos. Not nearly as good as I remembered them to be. Re-fried beans were very thin an un-appealing. The table side guac was the evenings saving grace. Very well made. Would I return, probably not.