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Mar 5, 2014 02:34 PM

Wedding cakes with delivery to suburbs

Hi all,

I have booked a somewhat last minute (June 21) smallish wedding (50-65 people) and am in need of a wedding cake. This is actually one of the most, if not the most, important parts of the wedding to me. I'm fairly well versed in the bakeries in the area but am curious if anyone has purchased or eaten a wedding cake recently that can comment on those bakeries on my running list (see below), as well as others I might have forgotten. I'm particularly interested in bakeries able to make clean designs/lines but buttercream (American, Swiss, Italian, or French) as opposed to fondant. I'd love to know your thoughts as the clock is ticking!

1. Cake Art Studio, Paoli--I really don't know much about them but was impressed with their designs/style

2. Ciao Bella Cakes, Hatboro--I really don't know much about them but was impressed by their designs/style.

3. Van Earl’s, Langhorne--I really don't know much about them but was impressed by their designs/style.

4. Velvet Sky, Jenkintown--I had their cupcakes in 2006 or 2007 and thought they were good but not great. However, I know they've recently changed owners.

5. Cupcake Wonderland/Cake Life Bakeshop, Frankford—I am somewhat unclear if they have retail shop or just operate under special order. They won some sort of Food Network contest, which I don't really care about. I'm interested in them for cakes not cupcakes.

6. Bredenbeck's--I do love Bredenbeck's and even did a tasting here for my sister's wedding cake, over 9 years ago. I think they have significantly increased their decorating capabilities since them, but I'm not in love with their buttercream.

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  1. I think the Tahitian made by Patrice at Aux Petits Delices in Wayne is the best wedding cake I ever had (1996.) But I don't know about delivery.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. For various reasons not worth getting into here I personally am not a customer at Aux Petits Delices. But, I am glad you had a good experience there. Thanks!

      1. re: Laura D.

        In matters of product versus personality, I totally understand.

    2. we had whipped bakeshop for our wedding, and it was a phenomenal cake, with no fondant in sight!

      1. I'm not 100% sure if Alice Bakery & Confectionary in North Wales does wedding cakes, but I have seen pictures of thier specialty cakes such as birthday or anniversary. Beautiful and fondant free. Their buttercream is perfect: smooth, rich, and only slightly sweet.

        As an aside, Ciao Bella recently changed owners.

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          Thanks! I've heard such great things about Alice's Bakery but have never actually been there. I will look into whether they do wedding cakes. Thanks!

        2. How about Sweet Jasmine's in Berwyn?
          I like much of what I've had there. Especially the cakes.

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            Have you had a wedding cake from Sweet Jasmine's? I am familiar with them and think I may have had something from them. But, the reviews online (Wedding Wire, etc) aren't amazing. And, I haven't been in love with the pictures I've seen online; they aren't quite as "clean" as I would like (sorry, I really should preface all of my comments by saying this is one area I am really picky about; it's hard to do cakes well, which I something I totally understand). Anyway, I am happy to hear a positive review for them and will definitely look into them more as Kim, the owner, is very nice. Thanks!

          2. Just wanted to provide an update...thus far I've scheduled tastings with Cake Art, Ciao Bella, and Cupcake Wonderland/Cake Life. I did get in touch with Van Earl's too, and the only reason I didn't pursue them was because I got in touch with everyone else first. We met with Eileen of Cake Art last night for a lovely tasting. She prepared some truly creative samples for us to taste and made us feel very comfortable. I'm going to wait until our other two tastings are done before booking anything, but I think we'd be very satisfied if we went with Cake Art. Thanks!