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Mar 5, 2014 02:00 PM

SE Asian groceries (especially Thai)?

I'm looking for a good source of Thai groceries, particularly produce. The mostly Chinese markets such as Hong Kong Supermarket do OK with non-perishables, but I'm having a hard time finding produce such as galangal, lime leaves, the right kind of chiles, etc. What's the best source in the Boston area?

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  1. Reliable Market in Somerville is worth a try, they have a lot of stuff, though their main focus is Korean and Japanese.

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      I love Reliable for certain supplies, but it's not great for Thai ingredients. No steady supply of thai peppers, fresh (non-ramen) noodles, etc. As noted below, you're better off going to the Somerville Market Basket (but I've not found lime leaves there).

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        I second the Russo's suggestion: they have all the items you mention, and always have a big supply of packages of Thai basil.

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          Russo's is reliable for many things, but galangal and lime leaves are not always available there.

      2. Market Basket in Somerville has galangal and sometimes tumeric, lots of fresh and dry chile options, bigger thai eggplants. They often have curry leaves but I'm not sure about lime leaves.

        1. Forgetting the name, but posted a while back about awesome Cambodian grocery in Lynn.

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          1. Don't know what kind of chilies you want, but H-Mart in Burlington has galangal and Eze Indian Market in Woburn has lime leaves.

            The produce section at H-Mart is huge, but I'm not too sure how much of it is Thai. I asked a Thai person that I met at a local farmer's market, where they got their Thai Basil rice and they said Lowell. Hope it helps a little.


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              In response to H-Mart a stone's throw away, the Burlington Market Basket carries lots of exotic produce like Thai basil and curry leaves. Priced competitively, and more reliably fresh than H-Mart, which can be hit-and-miss since there's no cooling or misting in H-Mart's produce counters.