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Mar 5, 2014 01:17 PM

Brunch in UES with teenager

Can anyone recommend a brunch place in the UES? Our goddaughter is coming to town!

It could be either great food, beautiful locale or something fun. Any of those criteria would work. We're flexible on price. We'd like to avoid any place that would have a long wait if we got there about 11 or 12. So, if it were a place that took reservations or one where a wait isn't normal, that would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe Red Rooster? Don't know what the wait is like at 11 or 12, but it is fun. (yes, i know it isn't technically UES, but close enough).

    1. The barking dog was a place that I really liked going to when I lived in the UES.


        1. MeatBall Shop (2nd Ave/76th St) (cool/trendy)
          Brother Jimmy's BBQ (2nd Ave/77th St) (Low brow/fun)
          One of the restaurants in Bloomingdales -
          Cafe Boulud (high end, $$$)
          Boathouse in Central Park (memorable, decent food)
          Serendipity (touristy, famous for their desserts)

          1. Cafe D'Alsace is a good choice for your goddaugher, definitely Cafe Boulud for more high end. I would not recommend Serendipity (lousy food, expensive and tourist trap) and especially not Brother Jimmy's unless you want to hang out with drunken frat boys.