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Jun 10, 2002 01:43 AM

Chez Cora

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Is this breakfast chain any good? I'm definitely trying Beauty's on my next trip but thought I'd have a backup.


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  1. A lot of people like Cora, i hate it. The home fries are dry and over seasonned. Bacon is never cooked enough or simply burnt.

    I have been to a few locations of different occasions and never liked it.

    I tend to go to this little gem called the 24 cafe on Masson street. Been going there for about 8 years now, they are GREAT! and about half the price of any "chain" breakfast place.

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    1. re: Genevieve

      Thanks for the tip! Where is Masson St in relation to say St. Laurent? Also what's their menu like, inventive or well done traditional.


      1. re: iron frank

        Masson is an east/west street, St-Laurent is a south/north street. If you are coming from downtown by car or cab, the best way is to take Sherbrooke east, go to Davidson street, take a left. Davidson turns into St-Michel Boulevard. You will go accross 4 lights, at the 5th you take a left onto Masson street. The 24 cafe is around 6th avenue, but i go there so often of totally forget what street it is..

        It will be on thesouth side of the street, a black sign on top of the door with a 24 on it.

        The food is somewhat traditional with some excentriceties, prices are very reasonable, they have a smoking and non smoking section.

        If you go there on the weekend be ready for a wait, and its a family run place with some part time slackers as waiters, so there might be some unhappiness with the service, but you just have to get up and tell them what you need...Dont be shy, they mean well!!!

        Hope you have a good time and some good food!! If you dont like the look of the place (which happens sometimes!) right accross the street is a place called Potion Magique...A lil french/belge joint with some kick ass breakfast...