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Mar 5, 2014 12:20 PM

Best Farm to Table in DC?

Visiting DC for a long weekend in May and coming from NYC. We're looking for a farm to table dinner one night, I'm curious what restaurants are doing it the best (i.e., chefs balancing local sourcing w/ great cooking) in DC.

On a different note, what are the most interesting things happening food wise. Please leave off anything close to "molecular gastronomy.

Budget isn't an issue, but would like it to be accessible by the metro.

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  1. I don't think there's a restaurant that's doing farm to table in the scale of say Blue Hill in NY or Manresa in CA.

    Restaurant Nora and Obelisk come to mind for local sourcing but I wouldn't consider either destination dining.

    My top three favorite meals over the last couple of months have been Little Serow, Rose's Luxury, and the brunch at Daikaya. There aren't any other restaurants serving dishes like these within DC proper.

    1.'s probably easier to list who *isn't* trying farm-to-table around here. Even the local diner chain (Silver Diner) brags about their sourcing...

      Blue Duck Tavern has been at it for a while. Patowmack Farm? Poste? Table? Eve and the other EatGoodFoodGroup spots?

      1. If you REEAALLLLY want not only the best Farm to Table in DC, but the BEST place in the entire area (just ask Washingtonian mag) go to the Inn at Little Washington. You will need a car and a gold card but it's WELL worth the effort. It's in Washington, VA, about 90 min from DC and it's a really charming place in this little tiny upscale town. So this doesn't meet your metro criteria but you said long weekend... if you could rent a car one day and try to go NOT on Friday or Sat (it's costlier then) it would be a fun outing for you. It's a multi course foodie extravaganza with the very best ingredients available. And a wine list to match. The service is flawless yet not fawning; the place doesn't take itself so seriously you won't have fun too. Try the 7 deadly sins for dessert...omg it speaks for itself... :)

        1. We have eaten at both Patowmack Farm and Inn at Little Washington, I prefer Patowmack Farm. The views are beautiful. it is a farm and service is wonderful

          1. Todd Gray is one of the original Mid-Atlantaic farm-to-table chef's in DC and his restaurant Equinox remains one of my favorites in the area. It is certainly high end, but in my opinion worth the price.