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Mar 5, 2014 11:43 AM

Fun stuff to plant for kids

I live in Silicon Valley, so temperatures range from 50 - 80 year round and just built some planter boxes for my kids, which will be a in a pretty sunny area. My kids are 3 and 6, and I'd love to get some advice from others on what kids enjoy growing / picking? Of course, my 3yo has already said he wants to grow those "flowers that you blow", i.e. dandelions!

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  1. Hmm. Radishes are a hit with my nieces/nephews because of the quick germination time. For the wait for it...wait for off, sugar pumpkins are neat too.

    1. My 4yo likes the golf-ball shaped carrots and cherry tomatoes that are the 'wrong' color (last year we grew chocolate brown ones). Basically anything we can find that is a twist on the normal.

      1. Green beans and pea pods are fun for their "hide and seek" aspect. Cherry tomatoes for both their sweet taste and they are kid-size. Lettuce is quick to germinate and you can do the "cut and come again" method for a while.

        1. our vegetable hating granddaughter likes sugar snap peas fresh off the vine. Green beans are easy to pick. Cherry tomatoes are popular with everyone.

          You might plant something to attract butterflies. Many birds like seed pods in late summer/early fall. Put a bird bath near by and an overturned clay pot to attract toads.

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            Haven't been able to have an "in-ground" garden for several years... too many critters thinking it was a free salad bar!?! Snow peas grow easily in a LARGE flower pot... with 3-4 bamboo stakes to make a tripod for them to crawld up. My grandmother always said you HAD to plant peas on St. Patty's day...tho don't think she ever had snow peas?? They don't do well once weather gets HOT here in NJ.

            Bush-type green beans also work well in large pots and are really quick to grow. Another item that pretty much gets eaten before it even makes it into the house.

          2. Tall sunflowers because, well, they are tall!
            Nasturtiums, because the flowers are edible!
            Pole beans, so Jack can climb them!
            Zucchini because they get so big!(but are prickly)