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Mar 5, 2014 11:37 AM

New Haven: Bakeries and/or lobster rolls?

I hope you guys don't mind that I started a separate thread, but in my experience once a topic has been kicked around a while, people don't necessarily keep returning to see if something totally different was added.

As long as I'm having to make the trip the Yale hospital, likely more than one trip, weighing the possibilities of an interesting lunch, something else occurred to me.

First, are there any interesting bakeries in the vicinity?

And second, if I were able to travel a bit (by bus), are there any good but inexpensive lobster rolls around? It occurred to me that Connecticut might be a good place for lobster rolls.

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  1. Fida....
    Ct is a good place for lobster rolls, but as you are not from CT, be aware that a CT lobster roll is hot lobster meat in melted butter on a grilled roll, not a cold mayo salad as in most of New England.

    Some may recommend Lenyy and Joe's on New Haven Harbor. I am not a fan. If you can get to the West Haven Beachfront, the best choice is Stowe's, a true shack, that takes cash only. It is the most reasonably priced in the area BUT "good but inexpensive lobster roll..." is an oxymoron.

    I cannot speak to the bakery question. I don't use commercial bakeries, I left that business in 1978 and do all my own baking.

    1. Marjolaine on State St in New Haven isn't a huge bakery but their stuff is very good and also at the end of Wooster St is Libby's Italian bakery.

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        Libby's on Wooster St. near the pizza places is excellent - cannoli's, and a fun, flaky pastry called a lobster tail. Also Lucibello's nearby on Grand Ave., is an excellent Italian bakery.
        A very good lobster roll, year round, is at the Glenwood Drive -In on Whitney Avenue, on the route 10 bus line from New Haven, just north of Centerville so you would want the Mt. Carmel or Cheshire bus (those are less frequent)