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Mar 5, 2014 11:12 AM

Fish Fry's 2014

As there always seems to be a thread for Lent, I thought I'd get a jump start. From the Pioneer Press:

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  1. those are all restaurants. I like to go and see what the local parishes are up to. I have enjoyed the fish at st. pascals in previous years.....

    "Fridays of Lent (March 7 - April 11)

    4:30 - 7:00 pm in Brioschi Hall

    Adults (12 & up) $11.00
    Children (6-11) $4.00
    Children 5 & under FREE

    Includes Fried and Baked Cod, Macaroni and Cheese, Potatoes (AuGratin & Seasoned Fried), Mixed Steamed Vegetables Coleslaw, Dinner roll and dessert.
    Milk/Bottled Water/Pop - $1.00 each

    Join us for Stations of the Cross at 7:00 pm"

    St. Pascal Baylon is located just 5 blocks North of Interstate 94 on the corner of White Bear Avenue and 3rd Street... no charge for the stations of the cross!!!

    I also try to go to our lady of Guadalupe for enchiladas and Holy family Maronite for a weird American-Lebanese twist. ( http://www.holyfamilymaronitechurch.o... )

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      What are the times for Our Lady of Guadalupe? That sounds fantastic.

      1. re: stepawayfromthetable

        Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Paul — Lenten Enchilada dinner from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at 401 Concord St.
        on the Fridays of Lent

    2. Here's another starter list for 2014, with clubs & churches as well as restaurants.

      1. I just stopped and got the outstanding fish dinner at Mississippi Market on Selby. The homemade tartar sauce was outstanding. The oven fries were a little dry. The red coleslaw was pretty good. I think this will be my regular fish fry during the Lent season.
        I did try Obbs last year and it was OK. I tried the one in South St. Paul and B-Dale Club in the years before that. They were OK. I guess I don't like being around crowds of people.

        1. shoo bee doo suggests the question "do we attend a fish fry for the event or the food?" I say both. and this allows me to answer the question "which is the best parish fish fry?" I would have to say Albert the great. the food is very good. they have the stations of the cross and bingo! there is some sort of auction/raffle every fifteen minutes. father joe has a wireless microphone and he is greeting people and making bad jokes and offering running commentary. it is an interesting and fun window into a parish.

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            "they have stations of the cross"

            Thanks for the warning. That sounds like something that would make me uncomfortable.

            Or possibly burst into flames.

            1. re: ChillyDog

              the stations of the cross take place in the sanctuary. no one has to go. the only outward trapping of Christianity was a blessing that happened at the opening of the chow line.
              one of the things that amused me about the stations of the cross was that they gave out cards that allowed you to enter the front of the fish line after the stations (after all when visiting the stations the chowline is getting longer)... they didn't want anyone to be penalized for devotion!
              in any case this is all about lent and for me I let it be a little window into that world... and I eat!

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                That's helpful information. Thanks zfwp. And this time I mean it.

                It sounds doable.

          2. I tried Ngon fish and chips on Friday. Pretty good. But I probably wouldn't make the effort again.