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Mar 5, 2014 10:35 AM

Dinner party ideas?


I'm hosting 4 people for dinner for this week (total of 6 includes me and husband) and am looking for ideas to serve. I usually do a roast chicken and sides, but am getting bored of that. I do like doing the roast chicken because it's so easy and you don't have to supervise it, leaving more time for mingling.
I would love to know any ideas people have. No dietary restrictions or allergies and I would like for it to be somewhat simple but delicious.

  1. don't know why this is on the Manhattan board instead of home cooking, but I always have this problem. I tend to do stews: sometimes Asian, sometimes seafood/fish, sometimes lamb. So much easier to serve. You do some sort of fabulous creative salad to start and you are there. Other possibility is short ribs, but they can be a little heavy.

    1. Beef tenderloin roasted on a bed of root vegetables.

      1. Roast a duck or a goose, maybe, to mix things up? You can also do whole fish, which cook fairly quickly and don't need to be supervised much if you do them foil-wrapped or en papillote.

        You could roast or braise a pork butt, serve it with warmed tortillas and various toppings and sides. A milk- or cider-braised pork loin can be delicious, rustic, and simple. Leg of lamb doesn't require too much supervision. Lots of good options. Stews are also a good call.

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