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Mar 5, 2014 09:56 AM

Need suggestion for a 4th dinner in Tokyo

Hello hounds.

I'm looking for suggestions for my last dinner in Tokyo.

I have dinner reservations for Torishiki, RyuGin, Takazawa, Narisawa, and Dons de la Nature and lunch reservations for Sukiyabashi Jiro, Mizutani, and Sawada.

I've already tried Quintessence, Kawamura, Ishikawa, and DEN but they were all booked.

I'm doing Kaseki and tempura at kyoboshi in Kyoto so I think i have those cuisines covered.

Any restaurants or cuisine suggetions that I'm missing are welcome. Thank you.

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  1. Tomod's has some very good products for indigestion...

    1. That's ambitious. When is your trip? I'm asking so as to narrow down further places that I know are already booked for March (Sushi Sho, Seizan, etc.)

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      1. re: Gargle

        Tokyo is book-ending my 16 day trip through Japan. So hopefully I'll have time to digest in between and won't need anything from Tomod's.

        I'll be in Tokyo 3/30 - 4/3 and 4/11 - 4/13.

        1. re: PorkyBelly

          The opening of the cherry blossom, the period is fantastic.. for exemple you can go to Iidabashi and eat the Edo nabe 'negima(maguro/leak/cresson/back pepper) at Yamasaki.
          Or, go to Ginza, buy a Sakura eclair at Frederic Cassel (only sold during this period!). And why not a lunch full of italian colors with Hokkaido uni risotto/Chiba beef/zuppe of fish(my recent lunch!).. and have a sushi diner instead !

          1. re: Ninisix

            Oops! I have had this lunch at Il Bulgari Restaurante Ginza.

            1. re: Ninisix

              Thank you for the suggestions. I was actually thinking of maybe doing Italian to change it up a bit.

              I was also thinking of doing yakiniku or shabu shabu. Would it be worth it if I'm going to Dons already?

              1. re: PorkyBelly

                Yes, shabu shabu is very good introduction to Japanese beef, and in my opinion while you're staying in Kyoto, Osaka is one hour by train, and I recommend to eat steak there ! And they are cheaper !!