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Jun 7, 2002 02:20 AM

Zen and other Asian restaurants

  • j

Headed to Montreal soon (it's been many years) and was reading about Zen at the Omni hotel - particularly their all-you-can-eat deal. Worth it? Would love any comments - good or bad? I tend to dislike buffets, but I read that the food is prepared as ordered at your table and is pretty good.

Also, quick search revealed Singaporean food at Le Singapour and Malaysian food at Copacabana. Anyone sampled either of those places?


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  1. a

    i used to live in montreal- but 2 years ago. i had several lovely meals at zen. but it has been a while. it wasn't so much of a buffet format as the opportunity to try a little bit of everything. not a situation where the food is sitting out, but it is prepared and brought to the table.