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Mar 5, 2014 07:18 AM

Table 21 worth it?

I just called today and have reservations for Table 21 - the cost is high, is it worth it? I'm a foodie but spouse is not. Will dinner fill him up?

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  1. Your spouse will cry uncle before the meal is over (assuming your spouse is a normal human being).

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    1. It is plenty of food unless he refuses to eat something. My husband ate it all and he is picky.

      1. There is plenty of food but might not fill your husband if he is picky. Does he eat sweetbreads, rabbit, things like that? If he eats everything, he will be more than filled up. Whether it's worth it depends so much on the person. It was expensive, especially if you have wine/drinks. It is worth the experience if you love food. Think of it as a night out, complete w/ theater. Definitely worth doing once for me. But, I'm not sure I'd do it again. Not similar but Family Meal is excellent and you get the Bryan Voltaggio touch w/out the price tag. At that price point, one of my favorite restaurants.

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          Thank you. We have to try Family Meal but I choose this for my birthday pick. We both eat everything. I'm not too fond of tripe but we'll eat it. Love sweetbreads and rabbit.

          Thank you all for your replies. I'm looking forward to the meal and experience.

          1. re: knitone

            If it's your birthday pick and he's not a picky eater, it should be a slam dunk. Awesome experience and actually a pretty good value for the money. It's a ton of food and similar experiences around the country go for 50-100% more.

            To save some $$, ask them to craft a "Half-pairing" of various beverages...mixed drinks, beer, wine. It's a great way to mix it up and spend less.

            I'm always looking for an excuse to go do it again, once every 2 years is about right!

        2. Okay all, we had the dinner last night. It was great and way too much food. We both were crying uncle! We were the only ones at the Table 21. Apparently most people want Saturday night.

          I have the menu and will list what we had.

          Deviled eggs, celeriac macaroon, whitmore farm egg,
          smoked trout roe
          foie gras cranberry, apple, wild onion
          oyster cocktail ice
          kamachi dashi, breakfast radish, sea succulents
          percorino-romano dashi, baked potato
          chicken liver fermented red pepper aioli
          the above were one bites and very different, very good my spouse even at the foie gras and liked it it was served iced more like a foie gras ice cream. He doesn't like foie gras

          Harmony lettue with pickled red onion, bacon, hen egg
          winter vegetable rutabaga, celeriac, daikon radish
          beet fromage blanc, frill mustard, pumpernickel
          gnocchi salt cod, fermented rutabaga, broccoli rabe, roasted garlic
          rockfish caramelized celeriac, fermented turnip, basil, country ham
          guajillo radiatore crisp port, pickled red onion, cotilla cheese
          calamari bolognese squid ink cavatelli, pepperoni, parmesan
          black cod yellow miso, hickory smoke, belgian endive
          squab bartlett pear, romanesco, chervil
          pork braised cheek and jowl, pearl onion, sweet potato, brussel sprouts
          beef salsify roasted over embers, malt, charred leeks
          black cod yellow miso, hickory smoke, belgian endive
          monocacy ash bartlett pear, marcona almond, vanilla brioche
          coconut blood orange, satsuma mandarin, finger lime
          dark chocolate chestnut, caramel
          Orange Popsicle

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          1. re: knitone

            Glad you liked it. It's worth the experience. Was Bryan there at the time? I had a picture taken w/ him in the kitchen. Very nice.

            1. re: chowser

              Sorry to say Bryan was not there. We have seen him other times we at there but not this time. It would have been nice to get a picture for his cookbooks.

          2. Glad you enjoyed it. We loved it. Another great Volt meal is the five course brunch tasting menu. Spectacular. We had a 13 year old foodie with us and she loved everything. And the wait staff treated her as an adult.