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Mar 5, 2014 06:44 AM

Masterchef Canada

So I admit, I'm watching this and New ealand on line. The down under one is just fabulous, altho this week splitting up a team was pretty harsh. I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out. I learn a lot from that show and their weekly master classes.

As for Canada..... Over the top annoying, altho not quite as bad as the U.S. I'm glad the bug eyed blonde Kaylie who apparently can cook brains has to wear an apron, because I'm not sure her shirts cover her breasts.

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  1. Master Chef Ireland just started up...just saying
    I would rank them as this
    My kitchen Rules AU and Master Chef AU
    Masterchef New Zealand (Which I'm loving right now)
    and Masterchef UK

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    1. re: chris2269

      I am loving the duos competition and even the theme music. It just seems like such a more helpful show. I haven't started AU yet, but plan to.

      1. re: Firegoat

        Me too. yep you and me are on the same page. Yeah the judges are not combative they are helpful. I wish more people could watch this...I have not owned a TV for 5 years all via computer but I know why that scares people.

      2. re: chris2269

        My Kitchen Rules AU has been really fun this season. I don't think it's the most serious food show out there, but I do really enjoy it. I really liked last year's Masterchef: Professionals with Marco Pierre White - but I haven't seen anything about it being brought back.

      3. Where online are these all available?

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          Via torrent I have used torrents for years and this is my trusted site kickasstorrents.com you have to have a torrent client I suggest Bitorrent. also if your uncomfortable with that You Tube has a lot. Masterchef professionals AU was one of my favorites...but masterchef New zealand right now is producing some really great food.

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            I've been watching canada and New zealand on you tube. You're kind of at the mercy of someone uploading them. Right now All of Canada except the last episode is up.

          2. Just caught up on the last episode of Canada masterchef. I do not know how the bug-eyed blonde's teammates didn't just kill her and run her over with a tank. She has to be one of the least pleasant TV "reality" cooking show personalities yet.

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            1. re: Firegoat

              You just answered your own question.
              When the contestants are chosen the producers make their discussions based on LOTS of factors.
              Can't beat a 'big-eyed' blond wearing ****-me pumps.

              1. re: Puffin3

                If I was her, I'd be constantly worried that I would burn one of my fake breasts. Isn't she concerned about hot oil?

                1. re: chefhound

                  I didn't get her whole argument that she was the team captain so she should be safe. Your team lost, you were the captain, you should be right smack in the middle of the pressure test.

                  And I agree, it looks like she's had a LOT of work done. That face just looks really uncomfortably tight and painful. That said, I won't really miss Duane. I am kind of liking Mike, the guy who was picked last and the dark hair gal with the congenitive eye rolling problem when she's near blondie.

                  1. re: Firegoat

                    I think you meant Dale? Me neither. He seemed like a frontrunner in the beginning but was starting to annoy me.

                    Kaila is a bit delusional. She was responsible for the team's failure but didn't feel that she should be in the pressure test? She told Julie to stop prepping potatoes. It's on tape so she can hardly deny it. And she should have made the call on the BBQ sauce. If you're the boss, you should make the final decision, not get a group consensus.

                    1. re: chefhound

                      You are correct, Dale was who I meant. Guess I'm not missing him much, huh.....

            2. Roasting a squab in an hour is risky now? Seriously? Those aren't that big of birds.

              I'm completely sick of the giant blinking eyes.

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              1. re: Firegoat

                And what's the big deal about making panna cotta? Not that difficult.

                Also, three huge panna cottas on a plate is an unrefined, un-restaurant-quality presentation. I'm surprised the judges didn't say anything about that.

                1. re: chefhound

                  Maybe it was a big deal to make it without having long blonde hair strands from her extensions in it, since she was the only woman who refused to tie her hair back while cooking in this challenge. There are other much more attractive women on the show who have no problem putting their hair in a pony tail to cook. My hair isn't half that long and I couldn't stand cooking in my own kitchen with it down.

                  1. re: Firegoat

                    If I were a judge and I found a long blond hair in my food I'd personally escort her out of the building.
                    What we all need to do is keep the following phrase in mind whenever we see any 'Flop Network' show: 'Lowest Common Denominator'.

              2. Why were all these people clueless about baked Alaska? It may be a little retro but it has to be in almost all the cookbooks ever made. And the problem didn't seem to be the ice cream or the meringue... these people just can't make a simple cake.
                This shows drives me crazy because I watch it after watching Masterchef New Zealand couples.... I can't even see how the shows can use the same name.... New Zealand cooks are doing fabulous crazy things, and Canada..... here's some raw flour in my cake.

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                1. re: Firegoat

                  An old Jew who survived the concentration camps told me when I was a young boy: "The secret to having a successful life, whatever that means to you. is to 'buy right'".
                  And that has what to do with the contestants on MC?
                  The people over at the 'Flop Network' can never quite get it right. Wrong judges/wrong contestants/wrong lightning etc. There's ALWAYS something wrong. It's b/c they are unable to understand the 'buy-right' concept.
                  Now compare any FN cooking show with any Australian/NZ cooking show. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE right? B/c those people 'down under understand the ' 'buy right' concept. They hire top quality production staff, top to bottom, who choose top quality contestants and wonder of wonder the results are always 110% better than anything coming out of Canada. In Canada the unions control every aspect of what goes onto the TV screen.
                  A director may be shooting 'long scenes' in the Alberta foothills last week and shooting cooking show food close-ups in TO this week.
                  'Buy right' in all things in life and when producing a cooking show.

                  1. re: Puffin3

                    For the record, the show is on CTV and not the Food Network