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Mar 5, 2014 06:40 AM

need third choice to balance Annisa and Jung Sik

Client coming into town from London with mid-20's son. They are going to Annisa on Sunday, Jung Sik on Monday. Trying to coming up with a third night which will be different. Can be anywhere in the city - thinking maybe EV or LES. Maybe Mexican. Must take reservations. Brilliant thoughts appreciated.

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  1. Empellon Cocina? East Village, creative Mexican, great cocktails, fun vibe.

    1. Toloache is my favorite Mexican and has several locations. Yerba Buena, which is not Mexican but pan-Latin, is run by the same chef and has an East Village location.

      1. new input - downtown Italian. Thinking Peasant, Palma, Aroma or Perbacco. Thoughts?

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          I went to Perbacco recently. Like the food better at Lavagna but the atmosphere is too dark for a business dinner. Too bad Falai is closed.

          What about Rayuela?

          Should work for business and a 20 year old.

        2. How about Seasonal or Skal?

          Yes, yes, I know, neither are Mexican. But you did qualify it with "maybe" and I think either Seasonal or Skal would be a good balance to Annisa and JungSik.

          1. Italian is, I think, a good call, as it would be sufficiently different than the first two. Babbo or Del Posto (certainly appears to be in your budget if you're doing Annisa and Jung Sik) and Scarpetta's always solid as well. Of the four you listed, I like Peasant the best, but they're not as fancy as some of the others.

            Other non-Italian Downtown thoughts:
            Marc Forgione
            WD-50 (if they're into tasting menus)
            Momofuku Ko (good luck with the reservation, though)
            Acme (had a spectacular meal there the other night, though the "vibe" will be quite different than the other places they're going)
            Skal, as ips suggested - but with the same caveat as for Acme. Though of the two, I find Acme a little more solid while Skal is still finding its groove. There's a bit more "high-endy" stuff to be found on the Acme menu, as well, if they're that kind of diner.

            Further North:
            Esca, Lincoln, or Marea for Italian
            Aquavit (knocking it out of the park lately)
            The NoMad

            What is the date - the Saturday preceding or the Tuesday after? Will it be only the client and son, or will you (and others) be dining with them as well? It can be easier if we can just search opentable, narrow down the options from there.

            Momofuku Ssam Bar will take a reservation if you order the duck or rib-eye in advance, minimum three people. There's an opening for the duck on 3/11 (Tuesday) if that's the day you're looking for.

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              Thanks sgordon. The point is to do something a little less fancy - less white table cloths. More funk. that is why I came up with the restaurants I mentioned.

              1. re: sgordon

                If we're going funkier, yeah - Babbo (if you can get a rez) or Peasant for Italian. Acme, as I said, is great lately, and Momofuku always brings the funk. Lupa's a good call too, as rrems suggested.