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Mar 5, 2014 06:39 AM

Still Looking for that Elusive Fried Chicken

Read the old threads and as confused as ever. Here's what I'm looking for...
Crust not too thick and greasy. Preferably integrated nicely with the meat
Well spiced but not too spicy as I'll have my family with me.
Quicky stop for lunch, so no Jacques Imo's
Coop's pictures looking good to me. Is this the one?

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  1. KFC? (Just kidding).

    Fwiw, I'm no expert but I've got Coops on my list. I agree the pictures look good.

    1. it's really all subjective. some people love Coops, i think its pretty forgettable.

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      1. re: kibbles

        Agree with Kibbles. FYI, Coops is a bar therefore family members under 21 are not allowed.

        1. re: JazzyB

          Well there goes that plan

          "due to the presence of video poker machines only those 21 and over are allowed in the restaurant"

          Coming from NYC I just find this kinda funny

          Thanks (again) JazzyB

      2. Coop's friend chicken used to be great a few years back. Now it's really hit or miss.

        I have heard that Little Gem Saloon has some good fried chicken

        1. Don't know if they still do it, but by special request, the
          Rib Room in the Royal Orleans would make fabulous fried chicken. Worth a phone call, since you have family in tow. Fiorellos can be good, depends on who is in the kitchen when you come.

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          1. re: TaTee

            I agree regarding Fiorella's. That used to be my go to spot for fried chicken but now it's hit or miss. I can't complain about their fried pickles though. Mmm Mm!!!

          2. Domenica's crispy fried chicken with satsuma mustard sauce, served over polenta is very good. The perfectly crisp coating holds up nicely to the sauce. It is a dinner entree and priced accordingly.