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Mar 5, 2014 06:31 AM

Andouille Sausages for gumbo

Guys - does anybody know any places in Queens that sells good cajun-style andouille sausage. I've so far been looking for Jacob's brand but nobody seems to carry it


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  1. not sure if they have andouille but my go to for anything sausage in Queens is Muncan Foods in Astoria with Euro Market a close 2nd. Both places have many many different kinds of homemade sausage.

    i know that International Meat Market on 30th ave in Astoria sells Andouille. I think they stock d'artagnan.

    try calling any of the above places and i am sure 1 of those 3 will have andouille.

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      1. Jacobs does (or did) ship their andouille but I have no idea what the costs are. I know that Best Stop shipped to friends in Alabama a few years ago and they said it was a whopping amount to ship.

        1. Pretty sure Fairway and North Shore Farms has it but I wouldn't hesitate to stop at Muncan first.