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Gourmet Music

A little off topic but I'm curious to know what songs and music all you cooks listen to when in preparation for the big meals, whether you are a professional cook on the line or the home cook preparing for a family or friends get together.

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  1. Steely Dan. .Stones. .Don Henley. .Al Green
    Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra when cooking Italian.
    Long version of Freebird when making Marg's...lol

    1. Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, Johnny Cash and Gregorian chants. It's an odd mix, but so is my cooking (and my family).

      1. I set the Pandora thingie to Beau Soleil or Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Sometimes Coltrane.

        1. Mostly modern Italian language music...rap/rock/pop/etc, depending on the mood.

          Brunori SAS

          ...and it goes on and on.

          1. Ahhh...some kindred spirits here.

            Faves include Led Zeppelin, Eagles and Don Henley, Lynrd Skynrd, Yes, and don't judge me...early Madonna. Love the extended play versions.

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                Back in the days of CDs i literally wore out The Immaculate Collection.


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                  Lol...I wore out an Immaculate Collection cassette....still probably have the replacement floating around somewhere. I loved that music!

            1. Mood dependent..... Bob Marley, John Denver, Melissa Etheridge, the Stones, Journey, Bocelli, James Taylor, Heart, Three Tenors, REM, Ella Fitzgerald.

              Most classical or instrumental music, I save for the eating part :)

              1. Eye of the Tiger

                American Pie (extended version)

                November Rain (live version)

                Enter Sandman

                Smooth Criminal

                1. Music affects the mood, no doubt, and the wrong music can wreck one's enjoyment of a meal. Frenzy or anxiety reduce my effectiveness and ability to concentrate while cooking anything that has some energy, but not too much energy, works for me. I choose from my music library based on my mood, and not any particular genre for a specific task. (Though for some reason I still clean house best while listening to Beggar's Banquet.)

                  You might be interested to read these threads as well as replies to your post, as this topic is a perennial favorite:


                  And finally, there's this thread wherein the OP asks if there is a correlation between tastes in food and tastes in music.

                  All good reading while listening to the music that soothes your soul.

                  1. This could be of particular interest to you: http://supper.mx

                    "Supper’s chefs are creating endless queues, and bustling parties throughout your favourite cities in those spots that appear elusive to the untrained eye. If you’ve visited any of the dwellings where Supper’s chefs spend their time, you will know these chefs value music as much as they do food, and live by the philosophy that one does not work without the other.

                    This month David Chang's Momofuku empire has taken over, curating 12 new recipes & 800+ songs worth of playlists from Momofuku's acclaimed venues across New York City and Sydney, Australia."

                    1. Depends...cooking our old favs brings out the dancing music....Stones, B 52s, Madonna. When I'm alone...Loreena Mckinnett, Bill Joel. Concentration needed....Ella, Louis, or Jack White.

                      1. Savoy Truffle by George Harrison on the white album

                        1. I listen to iTunes radio (internet), its a channel called "groove salad" under the "ambient" category, dunno where its from but its upbeat yet not in an obnoxious way.

                          1. Trop-Rock, 80's, classic country, whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

                            1. We like World Music for cooking, usually. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Joao Gilbert, Suzan Aksu, Haris Alexiou, Youssou N'Dour, Ofra Haza to name a few. When dining, it's usually different... Baroque, Soft Jazz, New Age or it could be some other world music, too. Often it is just different versions of the same sort of music when preparing and dining.

                              1. Just a geek home cook, who loves her netflix Star trek rewinds on demand while cooking.

                                1. A little out of season for now but Aerosmith's 'Draw the Line' album is essential for cooking thanksgiving dinner! 'Seasons of Wither' is a great song to cook autumn dishes to. I've never had a Seasons of Wither turkey turn out badly :D

                                  1. Forgot to add that French Lounge music is wonderful to cook too and dine with..
                                    ohh la la

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                                        Quit making me think things.. ; )
                                        Damn, that is some good stuff!
                                        Merci beaucoup

                                        Crush Kentucky on Friday!

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                                          de nada.

                                          you might also look for 山本のりこ (http://www.noriko-yamamoto.com/) you will never guess what can be done to Crystal Gayle. and also Cibo Matta (you got to KNOW your chicken!)

                                    1. I usually put Pandora (which I listen to on my tv, via Roku) on shuffle. Sometimes instead of shuffle, I'll choose a channel. Lately the channels have been the Memphis Jug Band and Merle Haggard.