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Mar 5, 2014 06:14 AM

Gourmet Music

A little off topic but I'm curious to know what songs and music all you cooks listen to when in preparation for the big meals, whether you are a professional cook on the line or the home cook preparing for a family or friends get together.

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  1. Steely Dan. .Stones. .Don Henley. .Al Green
    Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra when cooking Italian.
    Long version of Freebird when making Marg'

    1. Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, Johnny Cash and Gregorian chants. It's an odd mix, but so is my cooking (and my family).

      1. I set the Pandora thingie to Beau Soleil or Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Sometimes Coltrane.

        1. Mostly modern Italian language music...rap/rock/pop/etc, depending on the mood.

          Brunori SAS

          ...and it goes on and on.

          1. Ahhh...some kindred spirits here.

            Faves include Led Zeppelin, Eagles and Don Henley, Lynrd Skynrd, Yes, and don't judge me...early Madonna. Love the extended play versions.

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              1. re: hill food

                Back in the days of CDs i literally wore out The Immaculate Collection.


                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  Lol...I wore out an Immaculate Collection cassette....still probably have the replacement floating around somewhere. I loved that music!