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Mar 5, 2014 05:29 AM

Would like recent feedback on Beach Bistro (Holmes Beach)

Would like recent feedback on Beach Bistro. (Holmes Beach)

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  1. The best restaurant in the Sarasota area. Prices are steep, but quality, presentation, & service is tops, and great for special occasions. A truly great experience.

    1. The view is beautiful...the food and service will only surpass it. Too many awards to mention. Hold on to your seatbelt...the price will be high but you will be treated beyond expectations. I loved the duck, served with wild berry sauce and the best brioche bread pudding.


      1. I enjoyed the bouillabaisse there last week, Caesar salad was unremarkable (and not prepared tableside), wine service was outstanding. We brought one bottle and ordered another, and got relief on the $35 corkage. No dessert. We were the last out of the building and were not rushed at all.

        1. Thanks for the replies - going tomorrow night and am considering the tasting menu - any suggestions?

          Will report back.

          1. We arrived at the restaurant a little early for our reservation and were seated right away at a great table overlooking the water. Restaurant atmosphere and decor has a warm, comfortable feeling.
            Drinks were excellently prepared. We went for the Tasting Menu - 5 courses for $100- per person. First course we decided on was the Bistro Blue Tomato Soup which we both enjoyed. The second course we selected the Caesar Salad which I don't like that dry, I prefer a lot more dressing mixed in. My wife likes it the style that they served but thought it was unremarkable. For the third course we picked the Floribbean Grouper. nice size portion and it was super. Coconut cashew crust and a red pepper papaya jam. The fourth course we selected the USA PRime Beef Tenderloin.
            My wife's had to be sent back because it was not cooked as she requested it. It was immediately rectified - no questions asked. It was very good but we both actually felt that the Tenderloin that we've had at their companion restaurant, EAT HERE in Siesta Key, is actually better. Our final decision was Chocolate Truffe Terrine and Florida Key Lime Pie for dessert. Both we're excellent.
            I felt the first few courses were served very fast and asked the waiter to give us some time in between courses. A few questions we asked I felt could have had a more knowledgable answer. Overall, the service was well intentioned and good.
            We went to the Beach Bistro for a special occasion and definitely enjoyed it. With three individual drinks total, tasting menu and tax the bill was $241- plus tip. Our overall impression was that we don't see what seperates this restaurant from other very, very good ones to justify the expense.

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              I like the restaurant and the service, but that WAS pricey for what you had. If you return, the large size bouillabaisse is enough for two.