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Mar 5, 2014 04:50 AM

Cleveland: Vegetarian Fare?

Need vegetarian (not vegan) restaurant suggestions for metro Cleveland.

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  1. There's a lot of overlap there, so not sure why you would want to exclude places that are vegan?

    Generally speaking, almost every restaurant in Cleveland offers multiple vegetarian dishes, and some also a vegan dish or two. But the only "exclusive" restaurants I know of are ones that are completely vegan, not vegetarian only. There are some that have a lot of vegetarian dishes, and some that only have a few, but they still offer dishes with meat. If you want to completely avoid a place with meat, I would give a vegan place a try. Flaming Ice Cube is very good, for example.

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      My dinner guest is vegetarian; will eat fish, cheese, etc. Not chicken, pork or red meats.

      Ergo; I am trying to accommodate them. Hardcore/vegan is not a requirement; but will certainly be considered.

    2. Udupi Cafe in Parma (Vegetarian Indian Cuisine).

      1. If they are so flexible as to eat fish then virtually anywhere will accommodate them. Suggest a price point and/or neighborhood to narrow the choices.

        1. Without much info to go on, I would have no reservations about taking a vegetarian to any of these places.