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Mar 5, 2014 04:18 AM

Restaurant suggestions - long weekend in DC

Hi all,
Just booked a 4 nights trip to DC in May and we are looking for restaurants suggestions. We are Montrealers and we enjoy the many great restaurants our city offers, however, we've only been once in DC and do not know much about its culinary scene.

So we gladly welcome your suggestions for those gems that only Washingtonians know.

We enjoy creativity and knowledge of the chef and its team, the presentation of the dishes, the overall ambiance, the professionalism of the waiting staff and of course the taste.

We will be staying between South of Dupont Circle, but we can easily get around by metro or taxi if need be. Actually, we hope to venture away from the touristy center of town.

Thank you!

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  1. Really great is CityZen
    We have enjoyed Volt in Fredrick MD
    At Volt have not tried table 21 yet. But if you call for a non Sat night, good chance to get in.
    L'Auberge Chez Francois its in VA service is great Good menu
    Hope that helps

    1. Some of the best restaurants in DC are around DuPont Circle.

      Komi - expensive prix fixe tasting menu of seafood/modern Greek/American cuisine - the best or one of the best restaurant in DC, takes reservation 1 month in advance by phone
      Little Serow - cheap prix fixe tasting menu of northern Thai/Lao cuisine, no reservation - gotta wait in line
      Sushi Taro sushi counter for Omakase - expensive but the best Japanese restaurant in DC

      Away from DuPont but in the city - Rogue 24 for molecular gastronomy, Fiola, Fiola Mare and Osteria Morini for some of the best Italian in the city. Eat the Rich or Rappahannock Oyster for oysters and other seafood offerings.

      1. "gems that only Washingtonians know"

        Sure, but you have to know the secret handshake.

        I doubt Thai Xing gets any out-of-towners, so I will share that link with you.... not sure you have anything like it in Montreal.


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          Hi all!

          We are back from our long weekend in DC and were glad to (finally) get some sun! We had a great time and I wanted to give you guys a followup on our culinary adventures in DC.

          Upon our arrival, we ended up going to Tai-Xing and were floored by every dish. It was truly an amazing and flavourful experience. Every dish was "soaked" in so may textures, spices and colours.
          Tai-Xing did set the bar pretty high for the other restaurants we were to visit afterwards. Especially at $33/each. Special thanks to Steve for sharing that gem with us.

          The following evening we went to West Rasika and enjoyed both the food and service. A perfect note! Truly incredible palak chaat! Unfortunately I didn't quite connect with the decor and the formality of it all. Don't get me wrong, everything was great it just isn't my kind of place. Nevertheless, based on quality and freshness of the food and the mastership of each dish (and drink), I would not hesitate to recommend West Rasika!

          The following evening we went to Jaleo and realized we had already been there a few years ago ;) Hoping to get a broad overview of the menu (everything looked so good, we couldn't choose!) we ordered the tasting menu (José's Way). Everything tasted perfect! The only negative thing was that dishes kept coming and coming and coming... and fast! I felt José's Way was delivered way to fast and it was simply too much. We didn't finish every dish.

          Unfortunately, we didn't have time to taste and enjoy properly every dish and felt rushed. I'd recommend ordering a few tapas at a time. I should have known but heck, the tasting menu looked so inviting!

          Finally, if I may, here is my own suggestion to share with you all: La Boqueria on M Street. We stumbled upon this tapas bar and went in for a quick lunch but ended up spending the afternoon enjoying great tapas and sipping Moritz and Alcazaba beer, tinto de Verano and many great Spanish wines. We sat at the bar and truly had a good time.


          Being frequent travellers to Spain (especially to Barcelona), La Boqueria felt genuine to us. Very laid back, no rush, great fresh flavourful ingredients and an authentic Spanish feel to the place. We went back to La Boqueria for dinner the day before our flight back and ended up tasting every tapas we had not tasted the first time. Hands down amazing!

          Thanks again for all of your suggestions! We had a wonderful weekend in DC!

          We hope to be back soon!

          1. re: Edwidge

            You did some mighty fine eatin'. I have not been to Boqueria yet, so I will make that a priority now. Thanks for the tip!

        2. I have to say - I have gone to some of Steve's suggestions and I would recommend following his suggestions. You should enjoy.

          1. Great!
            I appreciate your input a lot.

            I will look into every suggestion!